Axxess Industries Inc. provides innovative technology solutions to CityCenter's Vdara Hotel and Spa in Las Vegas

Axxess' electronic Do-Not-Disturb indicator system has been activated at Vdara Hotel & Spa, the newly opened property at CityCenter in the heart of the Las Vegas strip. The system also includes a doorbell at every room. Soooo much nicer than the crude knock on the door.

Axxess Industries Inc Axxess Industries Inc creates innovative electronic solutions for the hospitality market that focus on improving guest experience by optimizing housekeeping efficiency. In addition to the electronic Do-Not-Disturb indicator system, rooms can now be serviced without that annoying knock on the door. Axxess products inform housekeeping whether someone is actually in the room or not. Similarly, Axxess supplies a food tray alerting system called Tray Tracker that informs staff in real time when and where a used food tray is ready for pick up. No more dirty dishes cluttering up the hallways.

When it comes to innovative guest room technology solutions Axxess is increasingly seen as an established go-to supplier for the prestigious Las Vegas hotel market. The new CityCenter-based Mandarin Oriental and Aria guestrooms are serviced with Axxess doorbells and LED indicators for Privacy and Service. This is a collaborative effort between Axxess and primary technology interface partner, Control4. Secondary technology interface partner is MTech HotSOS. 'By collaborating with other technology providers (Control4 & MTech) Axxess has achieved some best-in-breed hospitality technology solutions at CityCenter'(Joerg Wagner, President, Axxess Industries Inc)

As a member of HTNG (Hospitality Technology Next Generation - the hotelier driven industry association that creates standards allowing different hotel technology vendors' systems to cooperate in the field.) Axxess is committed to the desire of hoteliers to purchase best-of-breed solutions from different vendors and yet enjoy the benefits of compatibility and interoperability. Axxess customers are assured of technological interoperability with different hospitality systems without additional charge.

Axxess products are borne out of a genuine and demonstrated passion to help hoteliers serve their guest better and more efficiently. Research and development efforts center on finding the best solutions to the most irritating problems encountered by guests and the hotelier alike. Axxess has a well earned reputation for being a leader in providing creative solutions that have a demonstrated ROI, not only in financial terms, but also in operational efficiency, time saving, stress and workload reducing terms. In addition Axxess blends functionally superior products with aesthetically pleasing designs to enhance the theme and curb-appeal of the hotel and guest-room. From this vision, Axxess has grown into a company conducting research and development of electronic guest-room management systems, manufacturing such systems, developing integrated software solutions both for PC workstations and PDAs, as well as interfaces to other hotel systems. Axxess manufactures intelligent electronic room number signs, custom designed for each brand and/or project, which incorporate many of the electronic functions and solutions.

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