Hyatt Regency Aruba Awarded Green Globe Certification

The Authentic Island Chic resort on 12 beachfront acres on the northwest coast of Aruba received the prestigious Silver Status under the Green Globe Earthcheck Certification program, the premier international certification alliance for sustainable travel and tourism

Hyatt Following the ongoing success of the resort’s EMBRACE Project to inspire staff and guests to revitalize cherished local landmarks, the certification recognizes the resort’s dedication to operating at the world’s highest environmental standards.

“Silver certification has generated excitement and pride for resort associates while elevating our standing in the community of Aruba, and we couldn’t be more thrilled,” said Susan Santiago, General Manager of Hyatt Regency Aruba. "Supporting Hyatt's ongoing commitment to sustainability, our service team has made environmental efforts a major focus. All of our associates, driven by our "Green Team" are proud to be setting an example for others on island to follow. As global citizens, we embrace this responsibility and continue diligently working to improve efforts that preserve the natural and cultural resources of Aruba. Combined with Hyatt’s ongoing global sustainability program, Hyatt Earth, we’ve made a long-term commitment to reduce our environmental footprint through measureable and purposeful actions.”


Undertaking this highest level of Green Globe programs is no easy process, requiring an extensive audit encompassing interviews and reviews of policies and operations. Green Globe representatives, met with numerous associates, pursued onsite inspections and reviewed a range of environmental indicators using their Earthcheck™ tool, including the resort’s energy consumption, its sustainability policy – even its parrot population. By fostering a spirit of innovation, collaboration and community focus for all associates of Hyatt Regency Aruba, a true team effort was put in place to reach this impressive milestone.

Among standout practices, Hyatt Regency Aruba was lauded for: The “elegant” use of natural ventilation in the main lobby, befitting the resort’s tropical location while resulting in “substantial energy savings.”Use of premium environmentally friendly solutions, such as the planned introduction of biodegradable food trays instead of cheaper polystyrene trays.The roof garden with skylights for the Ruinas del Mar restaurant, hailed as “one of the few successful roof gardens in Aruba” in the Green Globe Certification Audit Report. Community work by employees done during work time.

That last point is particularly gratifying, as the resort’s volunteer EMBRACE Project (Employees Maintaining, Beautifying, Revitalizing Authentic Cultural Elements) saw the cleanup of two cherished local landmarks – the Bushiribana Gold Smelter Ruins and the Balashi Gold Mine Ruins – during 2009. Guests were encouraged to join volunteer staff in these morning-long cleanup efforts, and the resort rewards everyone with “Hyatt Force” t-shirts, snacks and drinks, transportation and tools for the work. Sites on the EMBRACE agenda for the year ahead include a return trip to the Bushiribana Gold Smelter Ruins and Balashi Gold Mine Ruins.

Taken together, Green Globe Certification and the EMBRACE program reveal Hyatt Regency Aruba to be on the leading edge of two of the hottest trends in travel: environmental sustainability and voluntourism.

The Green Globe program as managed by EC3 Global is the worldwide Benchmarking, Certification and performance improvement system assisting the travel and tourism industry to attain sustainability. Green Globe with Earthcheck science inside provides a certification system that responds directly to the major environmental problems facing the planet, including climate change, waste reduction and non-renewable resource management.

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