Interview Closure Time Continues to Improve

ASIST In this past year, ASIST has been used to screen applicants in the hiring process for the opening of three new ‘Five Star’ hotels in North America. In an effort to benchmark the length of time it took to complete the ASIST employment process for our clients, a survey was conducted.

The objective was to determine the length of time it took from when a telephone follow-up interview took place with an interview specialist and the completion of thorough background and reference checks to the time an answer was called to the hiring hotel. To do this, 180 random applicant files were pulled from one of the new hotel’s hiring activity.

What was discovered was that 45% of all the interviews conducted were closed the same day. That means the applicant was contacted, the follow-up telephone behavioural-based interview conducted, a minimum of two verifiable work references completed and the hiring hotel contacted with the interview results the very same day. This represents nearly a 20% performance improvement over a similar survey that was conducted in 1999.

What’s more, anyone who understands the challenges in contacting employment references would have to be impressed with the fact that 95% of all interviews were closed within three days of the initial behavioural-based interview. The delay of up to two days for the remaining 5% was due to one of the following; multiple references required (3-5), delayed fax responses from outside HR departments or a key reference was away.

The conclusion is that although it may be unrealistic to believe an ASIST interviewer could close all his/her employment files the same day as he/she interviews the applicant, it is realistic to continue to expect improved results. We believe this to be true through the constant research and training to develop and refine our abilities as employment interview specialists.

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