Feds to Look at Apple Policy on Programming Tools

Does Apple have the right to tell developers what kind of software they must use to create applications for its mobile devices?

Apple Inc.

That question is about to be pondered by federal regulators, who plan to examine whether Apple's (AAPL) new rules for developers violate antitrust rules, according to the Associated Press, citing a person with knowledge of the inquiry who was not authorized to speak publicly.

Apple declined to comment. USA TODAY was unable to independently confirm the AP's report.

Apple has declined to allow Adobe's Flash software on its iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices, saying Flash is susceptible to crashes and battery drain.

In response, Adobe tried a workaround, introducing a new version of Flash that would let software developers create programs in Flash but save them in the format that plays on Apple mobile devices. Apple put the brakes on that with the rules it introduced in April.

"When you try to do an end run around anyone in the tech industry, it never works," says Michael Gartenberg, an analyst at Altimeter Group. "They always find a way to shut you down."

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