Tripware Releases the First Ad-free Travel Website for Direct Booking of Flights, Cars, and Hotels

Tripware, the fast, simple, and personalized travel solution for self-serve business travelers, has released the first ad-free online travel engine that lets business travelers book flights, hotels, and cars. The travel site, Tripware WebBook, in addition to zero ads, has a clutter-free and simple booking user interface. Once a business traveler signs up through, the traveler can freely search, plan, and book travel directly from WebBook. Tripware is free to sign-up and offers unlimited travel searches.

Tripware Tripware, the travel software company, now offers travelers a fast and simple online travel website to book business travel.  The travel portal, Tripware WebBook, is the first online travel site that has no banner ads, no travel clutter, and no “already checked” travel extras.   All travel searching, planning, and booking is done within the WebBook travel site - no need to surf to multiple ad-filled websites, deal with distracting travel clutter, or worry about unneeded travel extras.  By filling out their online Tripware Traveler Profile, travelers have their travel preferences and requirements pre-populated in WebBook ensuring that only personalized travel options are displayed. WebBook travelers benefit from the same great rates as other online options, the ability to automatically integrate frequent rewards numbers, the opportunity to review current, past and future itineraries and access to all relevant phone numbers and maps. Tripware WebBook includes up-to-date flight status as well as the ability to book alternate flights, hotels, or cars when the traveler’s plans are interrupted. With 24/7 telephone support through Tripware’s 877-FLY-4BIZ number, travelers always have fast and simple travel planning and booking available.

“Our travel research shows that business travelers dislike online display ads when planning and searching their travel.  They further dislike online travel agents that force them to remove already checked travel extras,” says Dean M. Wright, Tripware’s VP of Marketing and Brand.  “By offering a product that takes out some pain from the travel planning process, we are meeting the needs of the business traveler.”

Tripware’s other innovative travel products, OutBook, DeskBook, and MoBook, were released earlier this year.  Tripware focuses their product innovations on “point of planning” booking.  Similar to WebBook, the other Tripware travel tools allow business travelers to plan, book, and organize their travel where they work: OutBook, a plugin for Microsoft Outlook users; DeskBook, a simple desktop app for travel arrangers; and, MoBook, a mobile travel app for iPhone and iPad users. 

Clark C. Rines, President and CEO of Tripware, says, "WebBook builds upon our goal of simply effective business travel.  With the addition of WebBook to our product portfolio, U.S. business travelers can experience the fastest and simplest travel booking no matter how they want to access our service.  We see an ad-free environment as a perfect way to streamline the travel search process.”

To receive the most personalized and targeted traveler options, Tripware recommends that users fully complete their Tripware Traveler Profile. The profile contains over 75 customizable travel requirements, preferences, and discounts that sync with all of Tripware’s tools, including WebBook. Travelers who complete their profile enjoy the maximum speed and ease of use available through Tripware.

To access Tripware WebBook, travelers simply sign up for free at the company’s website,, and follow the prompts to search and book a trip. Tripware WebBook is optimized for Firefox and Internet Explorer.  As with all of Tripware’s tools, WebBook can be used by business travelers and leisure travelers.

About Tripware
Tripware is a travel software company that offers fast, simple, and personalized travel tools for business travelers. Tripware offers a choice of booking tools, a set & go personalized profile, and integrated travel itineraries and alerts. Founded in 2007, Tripware is based in Phoenix, AZ.

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