Open Hospitality Enhances Distribution Connection with RateTiger

Open Hospitality, a global provider of hotel internet marketing solutions, has completed a direct XML connection with RateTiger. The interface will improve the distribution process for hoteliers.

Open Hospitality Open Hospitality users can now update both rates and availability securely and instantaneously through RateTiger applications. The XML connection improves the speed and accuracy at which rates are updated and reflected on the booking system. 

“Accurate and effective rate updates are important to our clients,” said Chris Wichers, Executive Vice President of Open Hospitality. “The direct connection with RateTiger will enable our hotel clients to save time and be confident that all of their rates are distributed correctly to their booking channels.”

With hotels using third party distribution channels to sell rooms online, it is important that the industry works to develop smarter tools,” added Ragnar Strerath, VP Product Development at eRevMax. “The competitive advantage of synchronized technologies is gained when hotels, distribution channels and technology providers understand the imminent need for them and establish the necessary connections.” 

The XML connection also benefits users of eRevMax’s channel management portfolio – SimpleDistribution.

About Open Hospitality

Open Hospitality delivers a full array of strategic online marketing solutions and accommodation booking options. The award-winning Internet marketing company focuses exclusively on hotels and hospitality verticals. The company helps independent hotels, groups and chains to raise online visibility, build market share and increase online reservations. Open Hospitality designs websites optimized for major search engines and creates high-impact email marketing campaigns. Its diverse client base of over 600 hotels in 38 countries includes some of the most renowned names in the hotel industry, including Helmsley Hotels in New York, Empire Hotel Group, Blakes Hotel in London, Warwick Hotels International, Graves Hospitality and Noble House Hotels among others. The company is headquartered in New York and has offices in major cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Anaheim, Las Vegas, Dallas, Miami, and Bonita Springs.   

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About eRevMax

About eRevMax International

eRevMax International is a pioneer in the field of online benchmarking and channel management for the hospitality industry. The company integrates directly with over 500 travel sites, CRS, PMS and RMS companies to provide hoteliers with ultimate revenue and distribution management tools.

RateTiger, by eRevMax, has become the industry’s benchmark for rate shopping; revenue management and online channel management. Hoteliers save time and money running competitor price benchmarking reports and simplifies complex rate and availability updates across multiple online channels. RateTiger also offers premium reporting, distribution automation tools and OTA/XML connectivity.

eRevMax, founded in 2001,is now operating in over 65 countries and 750 cities. The company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with regional offices in Orlando, U.S., London, UK, a technical development centre in India as well as six sales offices in mainland Europe. eRevMax currently employs more than 170 people across the globe, rapidly expanding across the European, American and Asian markets. For more information please visit

For further information, please contact:

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