MOON Resort and Casino: MOON is Rising

VANCOUVER, British Columbia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 8, 2003-- Today, following the successful launch of MOON Resort and Casino in October 2002, the Resort's creator, Michael R. Henderson, gave an update on the project's progress:

MOON Resort "The project team remains very encouraged with the impact that MOON continues to generate. With over 1.4 Million website visits and over 1,000 confirmed hotel room bookings, each day proves the demand for this unique concept not only exists, but far surpasses our best estimations," said Henderson.
Stage two calls for a 6,000 sqft, permanent display center located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The MOON team has located suitable premises and is in the process of designing the center which will include the current resort scale model, two additional scale models and a full-scale mock up of a typical 1,000 sqft suite, of which MOON'S hotel will have 10,000. The new models will also feature the 18-hole championship golf course and a large-scale cutaway of the MOON itself, which houses the world's largest casino at 500,000 sqft and the magical 100,000 sqft Metropolis Discotheque. Both additional models have been designed and are currently in pre-production in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
The MOON Resort and Casino project has also caught the attention of a number of high profile global media outlets, including "Wired" magazine, which will feature MOON in its March 2003 issue.
On the scientific front, the project has been very well accepted by a number of prominent space scientists and MOON intends to appoint an advisory panel made up of a number of these authorities. Their directive will be to assist in the overall concept planning to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of MOON.
"If 2002 was the year MOON was born, then 2003 will be the year MOON will truly rise, and this much sought-after resort will become a wonderful reality," concluded Henderson.

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