16% of All Applicants Won’t Report Theft

Not only is it bad enough that employee theft is on the rise in retail, a survey of nearly 7000 applicants of ASIST retail clients, revealed that without effective employment screening procedures, employers can run an even greater risk knowing that many existing employees won’t report known internal theft.

ASIST In fact, the survey found that one in three ‘rejected’ candidates or 16% of all candidates put through the ASIST process were so categorized because they would not reveal internal theft by another employee.

It also identified that 58% of all rejected job candidates were refused due to a thorough examination of their work history. ‘Jobs left without notice’; ‘unexplained gaps in work history’; ‘poor attitude towards previous employers’ and an ‘unwillingness to provide verifiable references’ led the list of reasons for rejection.

When it comes to ‘work background and reference checks’, past employers rated 1 out of 6 previous employees as having performed ‘below standard’. As well, nearly 1 out of 4 ex-employees demonstrated ‘unprofessional and/or unacceptable work behaviours’.

Compu-Skrēn Communications was also surprised when its own internal survey indicated that over the last 8 years less than 5% of its’ previous employees’ potential employers had contacted us to conduct an employment reference check.

The importance of conducting thorough reference and background checks can never be underestimated. This exercise may seem like a tedious and time consuming exercise but it should be noted that over 1/3 of all applications/resumes are fraudulent and a great deal of this is found in the work history. It is ASIST’s contention that people intentionally misrepresent themselves because they are aware that many employers don’t follow through with reference checks.

The ASIST process conducts a minimum of two verifiable work references and only conducts character references to confirm an applicant’s activity during work gaps or no work experience. Our results indicate that 18% of all applicants are rejected as a result of this background check.

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