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Open Hospitality, a global provider of hotel internet marketing solutions, has redefined the Search Engine Optimization process for its clients. Advances in tools and techniques are rapidly changing the focus of what matters most for robust hotel website search management.

Open Hospitality “We have developed a new communication strategy for our independent hotel clients. We reveal what matters most in handling hotel search technology,” commented Chris Wichers, executive vice president of Open Hospitality. “SEO subject matter can be complex and hoteliers can be distracted by the “techno-static” projected by so many vendors. This trend on the part of search vendors aims to mystify, not to enable understanding.”

Wichers continued, “Hotel specific expertise in search management is highly sought after. We have crafted ways to insure that our clients can fully understand their search ROI. The integrated Open Hospitality platform allows hotel management and owners to ‘follow the money’. This process includes the generation of website hits and unique visitors, leading ultimately to the delivery of guest room bookings. Bookings tied directly to search activities are the best metric for SEO effectiveness.”

In addition to hotel website design, hosting and SEO services, Open Hospitality offers innovative approaches to hotel reservation distribution including partnerships with TripAdvisor, Travelzoo and Kayak.

About Open Hospitality

Open Hospitality delivers a full array of strategic hotel online marketing solutions and accommodation booking options, including its industry leading hotel booking engine. The award-winning Internet marketing company focuses exclusively on hotels and hospitality verticals. The company helps independent hotels, groups and chains to raise online visibility, build market share and increase online reservations. Open Hospitality designs hotel websites optimized for major search engines and creates high-impact email marketing campaigns. Its diverse client base of over 600 hotels in 38 countries includes some of the most renowned names in the hotel industry, including Helmsley Hotels in New York, Empire Hotel Group, Blakes Hotel in London, Warwick Hotels International and Noble House Hotels among others. The company is headquartered in New York and has offices in major cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Anaheim, Las Vegas, Dallas, Milwaukee, Miami, and Bonita Springs.

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