Becoming a Green Hotel is Easy and Profitable

Mobile, Ala. – The phrase “green hotel” is fast becoming a lightning rod for more guests, more profit and better overall business practices. However, experts agree that superficial efforts won’t be taken as seriously. Guests will see right through it, and that won’t help a so-called green hotel really stand out. Instead, any effort by the hospitality industry to go green should be comprehensive, practical, and genuine. And it’s not as expensive as one might think – especially given the financial rewards if the process is handled correctly.

CentraLite A recent five-month case study of the Holiday Inn Downtown in Mobile, Alabama highlights a successful greening story. Participating in Holiday Inn’s Green Engage program, the Mobile downtown location increased initiatives like recycling efforts and energy efficiency, according to hotel VP Maura Garino. During the process, the hotel contracted with CentraLite Systems, Inc. for energy management services. Garino was surprised a month later to learn occupancy rates had doubled year-over-year while energy costs actually decreased.

“We’ve tripled our revenue and decreased the power bill,” she said. “Do you realize how huge that is? And the guests love it. We haven’t had one complaint.”

Garino credited CentraLite’s Entrexx energy management system for its seamless, wireless installation that covered all 209 guest rooms in two weeks. Six months after installation, the system had yet to require any repairs, but Garino said the level of system technology would make any future repairs much easier and cheaper.

“Normally, I would have maintenance men checking the entire floor every week, but now the Entrexx system points us to the room that’s having trouble so we’re saving thousands,” she said, adding that CentraLite will also monitor the system remotely and alert her to any problems she might miss.          

While costly maintenance can frustrate hoteliers dealing with energy management systems, a common complaint from guests is the systems’ overnight function. CentraLite addressed that problem with unique technology to register human presence in the room on two levels and remain active based on that. Each time the guest room entry door opens, it triggers a motion detector to scan for motion for 15 minutes. If it senses motion, the Entrexx system considers the room occupied and the guest retains complete control of the room.

“The system also integrates with the Property Management System, which increases guest comfort,” says Sean Bryant, Gulf Coast sales manager for CentraLite. “When a guest checks in at the front desk, the room immediately begins cooling to the desired set-point, creating a comfortable experience for the guest upon entry to their room.”

While Entrexx may sound complicated, it’s really not, insists Garino. “There are other energy management systems out there, but none are as high-tech or user-friendly as this one,” she said.

About CentraLite Systems
Headquartered in Mobile, Alabama, CentraLite Systems, Inc. has designed and manufactured lighting control and energy management systems since 1997. The Entrexx product line is geared toward improving the energy efficiency of hotels, condominiums, apartment complexes and college dormitories. The company has earned numerous awards in recognition of its innovative approach to energy management.

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