The Green Guide

Pineapple Hospitality provides a listing of the not-to-be-missed green exhibitors at this year’s IHRMS show.

Pineapple Hospitality More than 10 percent of the 700+ exhibitors at this year’s 2010 International Hotel, Motel & Restaurant Show (IHM&R Show) in New York City will feature green products and services for the hospitality market.
The show, set to run Saturday, November 13 through Tuesday, November 16, at New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, will feature suppliers showing off the latest in sustainable technology, including: guestroom energy management systems, green hotel amenities, upholstery or linen fabrics with recycled content, furniture that meets sustainability guidelines, eco-friendly key cards and much, much more.
“As more hotels adopt sustainable environmental policies, we’re seeing an increase in the number and quality of suppliers who are offering green products and services in the hospitality market,” says Ray Burger, President of Pineapple Hospitality, the premiere distributor of "Green" Hotel Products and Marketing Programs for the Hospitality Industry. “This is demonstrated at a show like IHM&R Show, where the green market is no longer a niche segment, but a significant portion of the show’s exhibitors.” 
In all, 76 suppliers focusing on green products and services will be exhibiting at the show. IHM&R Show attracts approximately 30,000 in total attendance annually.
“We have seen interest in ‘green,’ sustainable products grow steadily over the last several years, and continue to engineer our products to not only keep pace with the sustainability demands of consumers, but also with the energy efficiency needs of property owners,” says Leonard Horowitz, President of Evolve, an innovative wireless energy management systems designed to save 30-50% on a property’s guestroom utility costs. “Evolve systems are developed under the notion that energy efficiency and the guest experience may both be enhanced simultaneously.”
Exhibiting at IHM&R Show Booth #2640, Evolve is one of numerous “Pineapple Partners” represented at this year’s show. Pineapple Partners, and other “Friends of Pineapple,” are manufacturers and vendors who share Pineapple’s mission to enhance guest satisfaction and increase the bottom line, while also keeping the environment in mind through greener business practices.
“One of the reasons green continues to grow is that there is an opportunity at every aspect of a hotel’s operations to improve efficiency and conserve our natural resources,” Burger adds. “Each day we’re seeing new green solutions in front desk operations, food service, green hotel amenities, lighting, heating and cooling, and even in the physical construction of buildings. That’s why we’ve sought to develop relationships with our Pineapple Partners and friends, so that we can all work together and share ideas to provide more comprehensive, sustainable solutions to the hospitality market.”

Green Guide 
With so many green choices at this year’s IHM&R Show, it may be hard to visit them all. But the place to start for any new or ongoing green program is with the respected and proven members of the Pineapple Hospitality family. Below is a guide to the Pineapple Partners and other friends who will be exhibiting at the show this year.
Evolve (Booth #2640)
The Evolve wireless energy management system allows for complete, wireless guest room control of HVAC, lighting and TV. The system includes a keycard reader, a thermostat, replacement switches for the existing light and outlet switches and plug-in modules for the guestroom.
While the guests are in their rooms, they have complete control over all devices; the lights, motorized shades/draperies, and TV all work normally and as expected. The thermostat can be adjusted as desired by the guest as well. When guests leave and remove their keycard, all selected lighting devices and televisions are turned off and the thermostat reverts back to a management-determined setback temperature, thereby eliminating wasteful spending while creating a more sustainable stay. The system offers a return on your investment in two years or less.
At IHM&R Show, Evolve will also be unveiling the Director Series, its new product line of programmable, multi-function LCD controllers that offer an almost limitless range of functions and forms.  These wall-mounted and tabletop displays may be customized to control any aspect of guest room lighting, HVAC, and room automation.  Director Series controllers may even be integrated with our back-office system, EvolveNet, to deliver room status information such as “Do Not Disturb” and “Room Service” requests to housekeeping. 
Hunter Amenities (Booth #2150)
Hunter Amenities is one of the world's leading formulators and manufacturers of personal care products and hotel amenities. With virtually limitless formulations featuring natural and traditional elements in an array of blends and shapes artfully packaged, Hunter offers the GreenSpa Amenity and Dispenser system and Pharmacopia organic amenities, both available through Pineapple Hospitality.
Pharmacopia are healthy, luxurious, vegan, spa-quality products that nourish the skin, restore the body and care for the environment. Pharmacopia supports organic agriculture, seeks fair trade ingredients and conducts business transparently and sustainably. Pharmacopia’s organic hotel-sized amenities come in certified organic formulations across all product categories – including body butter, body wash, body lotion, bath salts, and hand cream – in three signature, Aroma-therapeutic custom blends: lavender, citrus, and rosemary.
The GreenSpa Amenity and Dispenser system was created with both the guest and the environment in mind. This luxury amenity system provides quality products that please your guests as well as earth-friendly dispensers that take care of both the environment and your bottom line. Pineapple’s line of GreenSpa amenities includes liquid hand soaps, lotion, body wash, shampoo and conditioner. The products are biodegradable and hypoallergenic, using no animal by-products and no animal testing. The GreenSpa dispensers are durable and re-fillable and sure to enhance bath, shower, vanity and sink applications.

Valley Forge (Booth #2108)
Valley Forge Fabrics is the world's largest supplier of decorative upholstery fabrics for the hospitality industry. The company’s F.R.E.S.H.® (Fabrics Redefining Environmental Standards (for) Hospitality) products are made from synthetic yarns made from 100% recycled content. Because of their unique construction FRESH® fabrics are recyclable, keeping the used fabrics out of landfills. The product line includes curtains, drapes, towels, mattress and pillow covers and all other kinds of upholstery found in hotel guestrooms.
The company’s latest innovation is its LIVING FRESH with Tencel+Plus. Tencel+Plus is the first and only Eucalyptus fiber engineered for hospitality. This bedding material was created to promote relaxation and well-being during sleep. Tencel+Plus actually absorbs moisture and releases it away from the body, creating a dry and cool sleeping atmosphere. This moisture reduction depletes bacteria without any additional chemicals or additives, as bacteria is normally created by moisture trapped in polyester or cotton fabric during sleep. All of these qualities combine to provide not just steps towards true sustainability for the environment, but sustainability to human health and well-being.
Marietta (Booth #2231)
Marietta Corporation is one of the largest providers of hotel amenity collections in the world, providing reliable production and distribution services to over 5000 hotels worldwide.  Among the products it licenses to hotels are the amenities and dispensers from the Sonoma Soap Company. Available through Pineapple Hospitality, Sonoma Soap Company amenities are formulated to nurture the hair and body, while protecting the environment. All formulations contain natural and organic ingredients and are free of those ingredients identified as dangerous or threatening to the environment.
Products available through Pineapple Hospitality include Citrus Medley shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion and hand soaps, offered in both daily and gallon sizes.
To go along with the gallon-sized Sonoma Soap Company amenities, Pineapple offers three styles of Sonoma’s three-chamber dispensers, made out of 100% recyclable PET plastic. They are available in satin silver, solid white and translucent white to match any bathroom décor.
The Green Garmento (Booth #1683)
The Green Garmento reusable laundry bag was created to lessen the estimated 300 million pounds of single-use dry plastic garment covers that annually clog U.S. landfills and waterways and endanger marine and wildlife.
Used by dry cleaners, consumers and hoteliers, The Green Garmento works as much more than just an eco-friendly dry cleaning bag: it serves as a hanging garment bag in your closet to store and protect your clothes from dust; it becomes a duffel bag for carrying your dirty laundry to the dry-cleaners; and it works as a hanging hamper as well. It has shoulder straps and handles making it easy to carry anywhere. The Green Garmento is perfect for guest or employee hotel laundry and dry cleaning services.
Pure Solutions (Booth #2162)
The trend of allergy-free, clean-air rooms is growing. Designed for guests suffering from allergies and other airborne irritants, each Pure Room goes through a comprehensive 7-step process to dramatically improve the air quality and nearly eliminate most irritants that keep guests from resting comfortably. 
Each hotel room is treated comprehensively to minimize allergens and irritants from all surfaces and fabrics. Additionally, all mattresses and pillows are encased in a protective hypo-allergenic covering. The air in the room is continuously circulated through a medical grade purifier, filtering out up to 99 percent of impurities. The room is maintained and re-certified every six months. It is a perfect complement to 100% smoke-free facilities, such as the hotels listed on Pineapple Hospitality’s FreshStay.com online directory.
Pure Solutions reports that nearly 9,000 travelers stay in its allergen-free rooms every week, and that number is about to increase dramatically. Hyatt Hotels & Resorts recently announced plans to purify approximately 2,000 hypo-allergenic rooms at 125 full-service properties in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean. Branded as “Respire by Hyatt,” these hypo-allergenic rooms powered by PURE Solutions are designed to eliminate up to 98 percent of airborne viruses and bacteria, as well as pollen and other irritants commonly found in indoor environments.
Simmons Bedding Company (Booth #2141) 
Simmons Bedding Company’s hospitality group is offering hotels one more way to generate less waste by helping to keep mattresses out of landfills for longer.  Select Simmons mattresses feature the EverNuÒ top, a zip-off top that replaces a mattress’ top upholstery layers.  On average, hotels typically replace a mattress every seven years largely because comfort layers have become compressed over time resulting in the loss of original feel and support. Replacing the EverNUÒ top after six years helps to restore the mattress’ original comfort and gives hoteliers the flexibility to upgrade a bed to a plusher model, extending its life for up to 12 years.
With 21 manufacturing facilities in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, Simmons produces more than four million mattresses and foundations. Simmons Bedding Company recently announced that to provide consumers with assurance that the polyurethane-based foams in Simmons mattresses are nontoxic and of the highest quality, the company has required all of its foam suppliers to obtain CertiPUR-US certification. CertiPUR-US certification seal verifies that the foams in Simmons bedding are low-VOC and free from ozone-depleting CFCs. The certified foam products are made without PBDE fire retardants, lead, mercury, formaldehyde, prohibited phthalates and other potentially harmful materials.
Concept Amenities (Booth #2041)
Concept Amenities offers a comprehensive array of exclusive branded collections in hotel guest amenities, retail and spa products. Each range is sophisticated in its design and quality for products that truly nourish the skin, body and soul. Its line of guest amenities includes Eco.Fresh, Ecossential Elements and Kudos Spa brands, all available through Pineapple Hospitality.
Eco.Fresh is a complete range of guest amenity essentials designed to cater for all personal needs.  This comprehensive line up allows you the option to select the right sizes and packaging to suit your needs. Refresh and revive while you cleanse with an invigorating citrus fragrant sensation. Liquids and soaps have been formulated with essential ingredients to maintain moisture for clean skin and healthy hair.
Ecossential Elements has been inspired by the wonders and freshness of nature. Get in touch with your environmental spirit with this range of skin & hair care products that have been enriched with organic Aloe Vera and botanical extracts to cleanse, purify and reveal your most natural beauty. Eco.Fresh and Ecossential products come in Concept Amenities’ Environmentally Responsible Products (ERP)* biodegradable packaging.
The Kudos Spa line is designed for the stylish, contemporary in-room experience. With a soothing fragrant combination of cucumber and white tea, guests’ senses will be uplifted for a truly cleansing spa experience. Soaps & liquids within this range are biodegradable and contain nourishing extracts and essential oils including Lanolin, Rosemary, Coconut and Shea butter to help promote soft, healthy skin and hair.
Amenities Services (Booth #1846)
Amenity Services designs, develops, produces and distributes concepts, products and brands geared towards elevating the guestroom experience. The company’s exclusive collection of environmentally friendly hospitality amenities includes products for nearly every corner of the guestroom. With our extensive worldwide network of factories and sources, we can create custom environmentally friendly products and programs to keep your property fresh in the eyes of visitors.
Products include bamboo accessories such as trays, tissue boxes and wastebaskets; organic bedding; biodegradable trash liners; Wolfgang Puck-branded organic coffees; Organa Coffee & teas; biodegradable hot cup sleeves; and other natural and recycled amenities such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors and shampoos.
Dispenser Amenities (Booth #1910)
Dispenser Amenities’ mission is to provide environmentally smart dispensing of bath and shower liquids in hotel rooms, clubs and spas. Instead of individual-use bottles that become waste, we dispense superior quality natural liquids through attractive, cost-effective dispensers that are available in designs, sizes and finishes to suit any property. Its dispenser lines include the stylish AVIVA and Wave dispensers.
AVIVA dispensers boast modern, sleek elliptical shapes blend to create graceful European styling. These new dispensers are available in one, two, and three chamber models. Features either translucent or opaque chambers in white, chrome, vanilla, or satin nickel.
Wave dispensers are designed for smooth, stylish luxury. Wave dispensers come are available in one-chamber models which look great lined up two or three in a row. Available in 3 finishes to choose form with locking lid for Hotel, Clubs, SPA, Bed N Breakfast, Cruise Lines and other uses.

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