Getting Turned On In Hotel Rooms

It’s a sure thing that at some stage during a guest’s stay they will turn on the TV in their room.

Avasara If you’re not using this opportunity to take advantage of such a targeted captive audience then you’re missing out on marketing opportunities, revenues and differentiating your customer service.

Not only that, they will see TVs  in your lobby, in bars and business lounges, function rooms, possibly while lying in the bathtub or sitting on the toilet, going up and down in lifts and even exercising on the treadmill.

To make it all happen, take the humble TV, add the internet and presto, you have IPTV.

IPTV (internet protocol TV) turns TV screens into interactive multimedia displays capable of not only showing TV channels and movies, but enabling you to control content and information on every single display throughout your property. This is simply not possible with traditional hotel TV systems.

Customer Experience

IPTV brings incredible new opportunities to truly differentiate your brand and products like never before.

Guests can change language options with the remote control, plug in their iPods, PCs and other devices and access internet services. In the gym, rather than scrolling through boring TV channels on the treadmill, they could watch video on demand, be checking email, watching YouTube or surfing the internet.

Static in-room items such as your hotel compendium become “on-screen” interactive dynamic marketing tools that can be updated immediately and continuously. This provides customers up to date information and the ability to book services through the TV.

One example is room service. By ordering through the TV your customers can see high definition photos of menu items with interactive shopping cart type “tick” boxes for selection. This gives you the opportunity to create compelling sell messages and tempting descriptions. The experience also means language barriers are a thing of the past. Guests can read item descriptions and order accurately in their own language meaning no confusion, no complaints and more revenues.

Other guest service examples include booking spa sessions and show tickets and opens up additional partner marketing opportunities for generating new revenue streams.

It’s effectively in room shopping for your guest and provides a means to optimize resource allocation by automating tasks traditionally performed by telephone operators and concierge.

Marketing & CRM

Marketing and CRM provide the real ROI on IPTV. New sustainable revenue streams will improve your bottom line for years beyond the breakeven point on your investment.  

Take the traditional guest welcome message on screen. With system integration between your IPTV system and PMS, CRM comes into its element allowing you to customize and personalize the guest homepage screen. These homepages can include guest welcome message, the latest headlines from their favourite newspaper, home city weather and time, home city local news headlines, home city radio station, the list goes on …. 

Central server software makes it easy for your marketing or IT teams to upload text content, videos and other files instantly and distribute them automatically to targeted locations or rooms.

From showcasing your latest guest chef to innovative spa packages, your dedicated in-house channels become an indispensable avenue for direct marketing to hotel patrons and maximizing revenue opportunities.

Advertising revenues

The power of IPTV allows you to control content on individual screens, whether in scrolling text message format (like a ticker line shown at the bottom of international news channels) or video footage that you choose to display. This means you can target individual guests, MICE and other groups, conference rooms or anywhere else you have a screen.

With this lucrative platform, the advertising opportunities that you can create with your partners are limited only by your creativeness. Imagine sending an on screen message to test drive an Austin Martin when a guest views a James Bond movie. Perhaps you could play targeted advertisements in a coffee break room during an investment banking conference. IPTV means that sustainable advertising opportunities are an exciting and highly profitable new revenue stream.


Only a single cable is required to deliver IPTV as well as internet to the room. From an architecture perspective, all software required to run the system can managed a single server. This makes maintenance and support easier to manage which helps ensure the services are always available for your guests. It also means data centre energy consumption is kept to a minimum keeping your company’s carbon footprint in check.

Current best in class set top boxes have inbuilt wireless router capabilities so guest internet and IPTV can be provided in one box.

IPTV supports full HD TV functionality and all file formats. 

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