Are You a One-Click Wonder or a Cheap Date? Skyscanner Identifies the Ten Most Common Online Travel Shoppers analyzes consumer searches to identify the top-ten 'types' of online travel shoppers

Skyscanner January is traditionally the busiest time of the year for people to make vacation plans and now, with 48% of people more likely to book travel online than offline, flight comparison site Skyscanner is expecting a busy month.

But with so many ways to search for the ideal flight, Skyscanner analyzes consumer searches to identify the top ten online bookers.

1. The One-Click Wonder

A highly efficient three percent of users fall into this category; they know exactly what they want when they visit the Skyscanner site and spend just five minutes or less finding and booking their flight.

2. Mystic Meg

Mystic Meg is so confident she “knows” what will happen to flight prices that she trusts her instincts entirely when deciding on when to book. However, as prices fluctuate, Mystic Meg risks being punished if her clairvoyance lets her down.

3. The Booker Hooker

Although this type of booker is easily “bought” by any airline offering a good price, these are the sites’ most savvy users when it comes to getting a bargain. Skyscanner research shows this is the most common booker, with 48% of users stating price is the most important factor when booking a flight.

4. The Fantasist

A dreamer who is always looking but never booking, the Fantasist will regularly surf the Skyscanner site looking at everything - from flights to New York to flights to Tibet - as they fantasise about dream vacations.

5. The Cheap Date

This flexible booker will focus on the cheapest date to fly to their desired location. Six percent of visitors search using Skyscanner’s month view tool which makes finding the cheapest date simple.

6. The Old Faithful

A small minority of users will always book the same airline, oblivious of price. However, when it comes to getting a bargain, the Old Faithful may find they are penalised for their loyalty.

7. The OCD User (Obsessively Checks Dates)

The OCD user just can’t stop visiting the site to check flight prices and is especially prevalent amongst users looking for flights to Europe and other long-haul destinations where prices change more dramatically and greater savings can be made.

8. The Forgetful Flier

The most costly mistakes tend to be made by the Forgetful Flier, who is forced to book a last minute flight because they have forgotten to log on to the site earlier to book.

9. The Experimentourist

This experimental traveler is open-minded when it comes to choosing a vacation destination; with decisions more likely to be based on price. A massive 15 percent of visitors to the site will try Skyscanner’s “search everywhere” tool to find the best prices around the globe.

10. Carpe Deal-em

Seizes the deal! The most spontaneous of users, the Carpe Deal-em sees a bargain price and goes for it. Last week alone, more than 8,000 users visited Skyscanner’s flight deals page to check out the best bargains available.

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