33% of Your Casino Audience Really Doesn’t Care About the Experience. What’s Up? - By John Hendrie

Although some have tasted the economic recovery, the toughest rebound will be in Gaming, for it is dependent upon the discretionary dollar and is entertainment. Now is the time to repackage and refocus, for memories do fade, and your audience needs to be wooed anew. It is all about the Player Experience.

LRA Worldwide The industry will have to create a better reason to visit the tables and slots, particularly, as 33% of your audience is not really inspired by your operation(s).  They have the lowest satisfaction among all players; they feel uninspired and would appreciate more pampering. They give lackluster ratings to staff and low scores for casino ambiance.

This astounding figure, one third of your Casino audience, was identified by a Market Matrix research assignment in 2010.  The 33% were called “the Unmoved Members”.   The purpose of the study  was “…to identify critical behaviors and trends of Casino Customers that will help Casino Management better understand and connect with their target customers”. Probably, not much has changed.  You have an opportunity to turn this ambivalent, non-interested attitude to excited advocacy and loyalty.  Your patron needs to be encouraged, solicited with a new look and approach, charmed once again. Your strategy must revolve around the Player Experience, which is more holistic.

Consider three basics:  Player Feedback Systems, Quality Assurance, and reinvigorated Guest Contact training. 

Your Patrons want to be cared for and respected. They seek attentive concern by the staff – even though they might lose, treat them like a winner. Make them feel special.

This all starts with gathering information. Your Loyalty Programs are the perfect medium to learn about your Customers, and automated survey mechanisms keep the information fresh and actionable. Actionable is the key word here – your immediate response to a concern.  With Feedback mechanisms you know what your patron thinks and feels, and you also learn whether or not you have delivered on your promise. 

The next engagement component is wrapped around the Standards of Performance you have set for your operation – what drives you and your staff to excellence. Many Casinos have become full Destinations.  Standards must be established not just for the Casino floor but also your restaurants, lodgings, spas, entertainment venues, golf courses, marinas and R/V Parks. Standards communicate your message and unite your Customers, as well as staff. Solid Quality Assurance programs and the use of Mystery Shops maintain that integrity.

The final step rests with your staff - those who deliver on that message. With all the movement and disillusionment of the last several years, your employees need to be motivated and their service skills polished. Training and development must be ongoing, beyond just honing the skill set, focused upon behaviors and relationship building. There are no excuses anymore. Training objectives can be accomplished through “blended” means -classroom, on-line, DVD’s even play station. Be creative, inspire your staff, and always answer what is in it for them. They are your Ambassadors.

The “Unmoved Members” are a group you can influence – directly and inexpensively. Ramp up your Loyalty Programs, gather reliable data and actionable Feedback, implement Quality Assurance, promote Guest Services training, and with a studied eye, review your facility(ies) and amenities. It is all about the Player Experience!  Move the great Unmoved!


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