Every Hotel Room Deserves an Access Point

ONEvision Hotel TV offers connectivity in one go

at-visions It is no longer only about a "room with a view", it is about a room with connectivity:

1. Wifi Internet access is on the top of the amenity list according to various studies
2. The increasing use of HSIA/occupied room is one of the most important developments in the hotel IT in the last decade
3. Market penetration of smart phones and tablets is soaring

Well then? More bandwidth for your Hotel? Always a good idea! Is that all? No, certainly not! It is not just about bandwidth, it is also about infrastructure, e.g. enough access points.

Why not provide a wifi access point in every hotel room? Yesterday the answer would have been: because it is too expensive. Today the answer is: because not everyone has ONEvision - yet. As from today at-visions ONEvision Hotel TV solution is equipped with an access point to provide wireless internet in every hotel room at the best possible quality. No congestion, no interference, no failing connection anymore. And since every access point can be configured to offer VLAN much less security issues either.

ONEvision does not only provide the best entertainment options, additional revenue streams and sophisticated branding. It now offers the top amenity in one go. The future is already here, and at-visions will make sure it is widely distributed too!

About at-visions

at-visions Informationstechnologie GmbH is a strongly expanding company which offers worldwide IT-services in the hospitality industry. at-visions offers a tailor-made Hotel TV system based on IP (ONEvision™), industry-sector specific digital signage solutions (ONEsignage™), HSIA services (ONEspeed™) and IT-consulting.

at-visions main focus is the international first class and luxury hospitality industry. The customers of at-visions are for example Hyatt EMEA, Kempinski, Rogner International, African Sky Hotels, Ramada Vienna, Vamed and Empire Brunei. at-visions has a partner network of resellers and his own branches to cover most parts of Europe, the Middle East, US, Asia, South Africa and Australia.

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