Driving Business - Sales Channels, Franchise Freebies and Getting Others to Sell For You

Rick Welch and The Lakeshore Group tailor practical solutions for today's challenging business climates based on a comprehensive knowledge of and extensive experience in all facets of sales and marketing development, including multi-unit and multi-franchise management, training, competition analysis, and e-commerce marketing.

The Lakeshore Group Our program for your company will be tailored to your and your market's specific requirement.

A typical program outline consist of the following:

A) Outside Of The Internet Channels – The Importance Of Your Global Distribution System.

GDS is going to give you your biggest room numbers. It all starts and comes back to your GDS. It is currently your main distribution channel. To make it work for you, you need to keep your Global Distribution System straight at all times.

1. What your system and database should have in it.
2. Your last audit and what should you check.
3. Analyzing denials and regrets--the secret weapon.
4. Updating schedule--what’s acceptable.
5. Current data and inventory.
6. Fallback rates, rate tiers, and SRP.
7. Brand support, reviews and banners.

B) The Internet—Are you using the Internet as a distribution channel?

Next we will do an overview of Internet marketing and discuss some effective strategies to better understand this powerful revenue opportunity.

1. Corporate brand web site.
2. Travel web sites.
3. Independent hotel web site.

C) Where are you on the Internet?

Internet research review.

D) Franchise “Freebies”.

We want to make sure you are getting everything you are paying for in your franchise fees. Some of these services are not widely promoted by the brand; some are very inexpensive and some are even free.


Driving Business:

Making Your Analytical Tools Really Work

This week we are going to find ways to get the most out of your best analytical tools, for optimal positioning within your competitive set and for taking full advantage of your strengths within your market.

• Finding what you need and what you have--information you may already have and may not be using.

• What your internal reports can really do to help you with your future-selling plan.

• How to exploit your external sources--Star reports, Hotelligence reports, and your own brand reports.

• Understand what they tell you about the marketplace and your hotel’s position.

• Re-evaluate valuable information to improve your year over year planning.

• Analysis of competition from the perspective of why people choose one hotel over another.

• Evaluation of the “benefits picture” presented in your sales collateral for purposes of taking business from your main competitors.

• Evaluate your positioning in the marketplace compared to your competitive set.

• Determine which hotels to target and why.


Getting Others To Sell For You And
Demand Generator Analysis

This week is to zero in on the market segments that give your sales Return On Investment the biggest pop; to situate Your Hotel optimally in these segments and to get others, notably people in your targeted segments, to sell your hotel for you.

• Identifying where your business is coming from and what’s worth what from a sales ROI.

• Redirecting your General Manager and the sales staff to their proper places in your key markets.

• Making sure your segmentation is a good fit for your hotel.

• Looking at the transient and leisure market to determine opportunities.

• Finding “friends” to sell for you, developing a selling network.

• Front desk selling, getting referrals and closing more sales.

• “Drilling Down”--getting more from existing accounts.

• The General Managers two key accounts and their accountability.


A) Outside sales calls, blitzing the market for accounts

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Rick Welch CHA, CHME specializes in practical hotel sales and marketing solutions customized for today's challenges and uncertain business environment. Building on a long, successful hotel career on both the property and corporate levels, with multi-property and multi-franchise responsibilities, Rick excels at programs that effectively integrate the headquarters and the field in the pursuit of marketing and sales objectives. He has years of experience and leadership in response to the challenges of rapid expansion, economic slumps, aggressive competitors, technological innovations, and even unexpected natural disasters. He is an accomplished author of numerous hospitality articles and has been a successful hotel owner. This has given him a unique and timely combination of skills for responding to a market or a business in transition. Through it all, his objective has been to achieve significant improvement in revenues, productivity and overall procedural and personnel efficiency by repositioning marketing and sales.

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