Dubai to Hold Middle East's Largest Hotel Marketing Conference in October 2011

The Middle Eastern hospitality industry, conventionally more focused on the physical product is waking up to a consumer who is demanding consistent delivery of the brand promise.

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We were able to see consumer demand stabilizing by the end of 2009 and occupancy rates were once again growing during 2010 in the Middle East catering to the tourism sector across various segments.
With 2011 already showing signs of sustained and stronger recovery, marketing strategies need to be developed for the US$ 16 Billion worth of business that the GCC region generates for the hotel industry on an annual basis.
Leading up to year 2015, the Middle Eastern hospitality landscape is expected to herald the era of a consumer-led brand focus.
With consumer trends changing faster than ever in both attitude and behavior, adopting the correct marketing strategy presents this region with an opportunity to be a game changer in the global tourism sector.
Faced with new patterns of consumer behavior, the most successful brands in 2015 shall be those who can most efficiently engage with consumers and clearly differentiate their offering from that of competitors. Brands need to focus on implementing consistently simpler but more compelling promises communicated in the most efficient manner to combine value with experience in order to entice customers.
The Middle East Hotel Marketing Conference, due to held on 17-18 October 2011 in Dubai, UAE is the region's largest industry specific gathering of hotel marketing experts. It offers hotel marketers the opportunity to meet with like-minded people, brainstorm with the best in business and learn how to make the most of the 120 million nights of hotel stay the Middle Eastern region has to offer every year.
The conference is an ideal platform to examine challenges and discover new trends in hotel marketing. Hotel marketing experts along with government and senior industry professionals will present an exiciting array of topics including case studies, panel discussions and workshops.
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