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Webinar - Power Selling Basics Boot Camp

Sales Processes in a 2.0 World Webinar Series Presented by Carol Verret & Friends

Carol Verret Sales processes have fundamentally changed!  It’s not about you and your hotel anymore – it’s all about the customer.  This fundamental fact has changed every aspect of the sales process from prospecting to closing! In a world of instant info such as online reviews, web and social sites, OTAs. they can find information on the hotel instantly!
The new sales processes aren’t just about social media either although it is a part of this shift.   It’s also about building in 2.0 processes into activities that sales people have always done.   From cold calling, phone, email and social messaging to qualifying, approaching, presenting the hotel and closing --  there are new tools to make these processes easier and  more efficient.
In this Boot Camp webinar series we will explore these issues and hear from sales people that are doing them and booking better ore profitable business! 

Prospecting -- The Clients you want vs. the Clients you get!  
Part 1 -- Groups
We all have them.  You know those customers that we wish we had 10, 20 (fill in the blanks) more like them!  In this webinar we will discover:

  • The Power of Search on many channels
  • How to identify the clients you want and find them
  • Prospects from internal reports
  • 2.0 prospecting  by market segments
  • Stealing prospects from competitors
  • Finding prospects in the database
  • The art of asking for a referral
  • Social networks – prospecting on which ones for which market segments
Participants will also learn what other hotels have successfully implemented to find new prospects by market segment to keep their pipeline filled.  This webinar takes place on June 28 at 1pm EDT, Noon CDT, 11am MDT and 10am PDT.  To register click here.

Prospecting -- The Clients you want vs. the Clients you get!  
Part 1 – Transient
Locating transient prospects both LNRs and RFPs can be a laborious process but well worth it. Research shows that up to 56% of corporate transient business is ‘unmanaged’.  These are small to medium sized companies that won’t beat you up on rate!

Most successful transient sales managers incorporate both traditional prospecting tools and 2.0 tools.  Find out which ones work and why!

  • Methods for locating small to medium sized business
  • Finding elusive consultants and contractors
  • Franchise Frequent Guest resources
  • Government transient tools
  • Market intelligence reports –which ones
  • Value ‘adds’ versus rate
  • RFPs – expecting to pay more this year
  • Losing the RFP bid and getting the business anyway
We will have a travel planner in on this web cast to talk about how they bid on and select hotels and keys to developing winning proposals and RFPs.  This webinar takes place on July 14 at 1pm EDT, Noon CDT, 11am MDT and 10am PDT.  To register click here.

Qualifying and The Approach 
You only get one chance to make the approach and get them interested in engaging with you.  The success of that approach depends on the pre approach qualifying you did so you can make your approach ‘customer centric.’

  • Research their industry
  • Log onto company website – The president’ message to shareholders & analysts
  • Check them out on social media – both the company and the contacts
  • Get a ‘testimonial’ from a current account or contact
  • The customer centric approach – email, phone or in person
  • It’s not about the bullet points
  •  ‘Trash Talk and Delete Buttons’ – Jill Konrath
  • Close on an appointment – personal or phone
We will have a testimonial and appearance by hotel sales professional to share how this type of approach worked. .  This webinar takes place on July 28 at 1pm EDT, Noon CDT, 11am MDT and 10am PDT.  To register click here.

Presenting the Product – Site inspection Live or Online
The site inspection – it’s ‘show time!’  The site can be the make or break the deal.  Know your product and which elements of the hotel they are going to be using.

  • In person – plan the property route
  • Online site – individual or committee of decision makers
  • Deeper qualifying questions
  • Remember --- it’s not about the exercise room it’s about their experience!
  • Listen more than you talk
  • Trial close
  • Addressing issues (not overcoming objections!)
  • Close on follow up
  • What they really, really want from a hotel
This webinar will be take place on August 11 at 1pm EDT, Noon CDT, 11am MDT and 10am PDT.  To register click here.

The Art of the Deal – Closing the business!
Some things never change – we still need to book the business.  The prospect will book when they are ready!

  • The implied close
  • The ‘killer’ close
  • The GM close
  • Close on the decision date
  • Staying at the top of their mind
  • Lead nurturing – the care and feeding of prospects and leads 
  • Social  media
  • Blogs
Each webinar is an hour in duration and will be recorded and distributed to all of the participants.  At the end of the series it will give the participants a complete library of how to modify their sales processes to find better prospects and close more sales!.

Each webinar is $99 for each connection and $89 for two from one hotel or company attending a webinar.  The fee for two webinars is $179, for three is $259 and for four  is $319.  Anyone that signs up for four programs get’s the fifth one free! If a company would like to purchase multiple webinars for more than one location please contact the company at or (303) 618-4065.  

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