The Conversation in the Experiential Hospitality - By Osvaldo Torres Cruz

In the Experiential Hospitality is important to get to know the guest in order to design personal experiences based on the generation of positive emotions and feelings that will remain imprinted in his mind and heart.

HTrends The most efficient source to obtain information about a guest is, without a doubt, the guest himself. Therefore, accessing to the guest becomes the driving force behind the need to establish bonds and relationship with him. However, we often wonder about the best way to achieve our purpose.

There is an economical and easy way : establish a conversation.

I would like us to stop for a while to think how long we dedicate to talk with our guests. Unfortunately, not always we have in mind the need to chat face to face to demonstrate our true intention of getting to know him, what does he need, and overall, make him know how important it is for us to listen to his answers.

I presently know and suffer the impact of a very intense work operation, marked by the need to offer standardized services and unfortunately with less than enough staff. This situation makes us to lose valuable opportunities to use services such as conversational spaces, enabling us to create the proper framework to listen and observe his body expressions, allowing us to capture the whole message that we are looking for.

                                           ¨ Dear Guest, talk to me...¨

This is a phrase that opens the way to demonstrate to the guests how interested we are in listening to him. Thus, we can obtain access to his most inner world full of valuable emotional and behavioral data, which we will use to guide him to achieve his desires and aspirations.

In the Experiential Hospitality we must establish a dialogue with the guest  who will find that we use his words to anticipate his needs and meet them. This will give us new opportunities to engage in future two- way dialogues that will serve us to generate genuine and lasting bonds.


Osvaldo Torres Cruz
Hotel Butler
Experience Advisor

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