Hotels Can Save 40% - 60% on Pool Heating Costs with a 5-Year Payback, According to a New White Paper

Hotels, motels and resorts can substantially reduce their swimming pool heating costs by “Going Green” with hybrid solar pool heating, according to Aquatherm Industries Inc., publishers of this new white paper...

Aquatherm ...Entitled “Saving Energy and Money: The Case for Hybrid Solar Pool Heating and Your Heated Swimming Pool”, the white paper discusses numerous issues pertaining to solar and how with hybrid solar pool heating, payback can be just 5 years.
Aquatherm Industries Inc. is the largest US manufacturer of solar thermal panels for hybrid solar pool heating of commercial and residential swimming pools.  Their white paper explains the practical realities of various solar technologies and how a properly designed hybrid solar pool heating system can provide the right balance between cost and performance leading to an ROI that will satisfy your accountants.
The white paper describes how it is possible to pay four to five times more than is necessary to achieve similar results, if certain described issues are not understood.
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