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New Hotel Marketing Guide, the First To Statistically Increase Occupancy, Now Available For Download

The Boost Hotel Occupancy Guide released this month represents a treasure trove of unique and innovative techniques for hotel owners and managers. With research spanning six years, it’s top 54 secrets, most free of charge, are available as a download at the website.

Boost Occupancy Acting like a repository for effective yet inexpensive marketing techniques, the newly released Boost Hotel Occupancy Report is finally giving hotels owners the small competitive advantage they need. In the midst of a hotel industry recession, the report’s author, Matt Landau, an expert with the Association for Place Branding & Public Diplomacy calls the layman’s guide “a game changer" in the world of hotel marketing.

With hotel occupancy rates from 2008 to 2010 amongst the lowest since the Great Depression and 2011 showing little signs for improvement, comes a breakthrough hotel owner’s resource whose cost of $129 is recouped – in most cases – with the first reservation generated.

Hotel properties across the world took part in a rigorous 18-month marketing study to determine the best techniques to increase occupancy. Once the data was gathered, researchers honed in on the tactics that were free and accessible to the average hotelier: then organized them in an approachable, easy to read format. Some of the findings include: 

-   Last minute special room offers that were accepted 22% of the time

-   "Top 4 Sunk Hotel Costs Repackaged as Great Deals”

-   How to use free awards nominations to increase hotel occupancy by 32%

-   One unusual feature of hotel websites preferred by 67% of web users

-   A free and easy tool that takes 10 minutes to install and increases international reservations by 4%

-   87% of travelers are influenced by this hotel website feature: do you have it?

-  15 minutes every month that can increase reservations by 27%

-   How to improved PPC efficiency by 390% and decrease cost/conversion by over $60 per lead

-   The unorthodox sales technique that increased hotel conversion rates by 38%.

-   7 email correspondence tips that statistically increase hotel occupancy

-   10 details needed to develop and hone the perfect Contact Us form

-   Trip Advisor secrets of #1 ranked hotel owners: how to get 150% more engagement to your listing, the confidential 3-step process to getting only 5-star Trip Advisor reviews, how to anticipate and stifle negative reviews, the top 3 concerns of travelers when reading Trip Advisor reviews, and powerful ways to use the Management Response tool

-   2 underground resources to major media opportunities for free

-   The #1 travel membership successful hoteliers don’t want you to know about

-   How to se ure free advertising credit from local news and travel publications

“The Boost Occupancy Guide ( demonstrates that hotels of any size and shape can increase their bookings if they get creative,” said a researcher on the project, Arabella Skye. “We found that almost all the hotels had little tricks up their sleeve for increasing reservations. These techniques could be applied to just about any hotel in the world and used with great success.”

About Boost Occupancy

The report is designed to take a hotel's existing marketing techniques and fuse them with innovative, inexpensive techniques proven statistically effective over the course of several years' research. Revolutionizing the way hotels generate free bookings, the report helps form a lean, powerful formula to increase hotel bookings and revenue. The techniques in the report do not require any fancy consultants or complicated computer programming. At $129 (roughly the price of one reservation generated) it is guaranteed to change the way you view your hotel marketing. 

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