Experiential Hospitality And The Guest Luxury Time - By Osvaldo Torres Cruz

The human being is giving more and more value to the feeling of being constantly busy, living in a society that forces us to maintain an ongoing performance sometimes excessive. The growing inability to establish distances or break ties with our problems or obligations makes us to live at disproportionate pace so the time dimension is at risk of being in danger of extinction.

HTrends I have no time.
 I am short of time.
I would like it, but I don’t have the time.

The above expressions have become markers of our daily life, showing that time has the power to govern and shape the man as a person.

This leads us to think that the leisure time, that magical moment we spend on ourselves, is perceived as one of the most important and precious investments on the life of every human being. This causes that many companies whose products and services are linked to the leisure market, are focused on achieving the success of this important endeavor in the lives of customers.

In this area, Experiential Hospitality provides the main tools needed to make that the guest perceives

his leisure time in the Hotel as high class time, since it allows him:

To do what he wants, in the way that he likes most and to get what he wants.

 Experiential Hospitality, based on custom relations services, provides the necessary links to meet the needs of each guest in particular and customizes services to these requirements, making that the guest can reach not only satisfaction but also his hopes and desires.

Experiential Hospitality allows guests to feel pampered, cared, acknowledged, differentiated, valued and most significantly, emotionally understood.

This will generate highly positive emotions and feelings that will print a seal of spiritual wealth on the guest’s leisure time.

 ¨Time is gold ¨, this old proverb reads, it always moves forward and although there is no law of physics that prevents time to reverse, it is most unlikely to do so in this universe. Experiential Hospitality makes that the guest's leisure time becomes an unforgettable experience and above all recalled, providing the ability to remember it and that is when I think of another old saying:

 ¨ Remember is to live again ¨ and this is by far, the greater luxury of our lives.

Osvaldo Torres Cruz
Hotel Butler
Experience Advisor

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