Renue Systems Offers Hoteliers Pressure Washing Service

Cleans Exterior of High-End Properties

Renue Systems Renue Systems now offers exterior power washing.  Responding to customers' needs to address external winter build-up on pavement outside their building, discarded chewing gum, and faded siding and walkways, the leading provider to the hotel industry of deep cleaning and restoration services has launched this new service offering.
Here’s an overview of how we address pressure washing under Renue Systems's Rapid Revenue
Restoration system:
Step #1: Protect any glass and metal frames around the work area from the cleaning chemical.
Step #2: Place caution cones and wet floor signs around the immediate work area to warn guests
and employees of the potential slip and fall hazard.
Step #3: Pre-treat all stone pavers with a high alkaline detergent for soiling deposits and
mildew growth.
Step #4: If needed, agitate mechanically the chemical into the stone using a 175 rpm
(revolutions per minute) scrubber.
Step #5: Power-wash all areas with a 3500 psi (pounds per square inch) power washer to
remove soiling.
Step #6: Vacuum up any standing water using a commercial wet/dry vac.
Step #7: Use four 2500 cfm (cubic feet per minute) air movers to speed dry the stone.
Step #8 (optional): Apply two topical coats of a cross-linked polymer color enhancer to enrich the natural colors of the stone or a guard product to seal and protect the surface.

Before and After Renue Systems’s Power Washing System

About Renue Systems:
Founded in 1991, Renue Systems (formerly known as National Appeal) is a provider to the hospitality industry and other upscale venues of comprehensive deep cleaning and restoration services. We address nearly all surfaces including carpets, drapes, upholstery, tile and grout and marble/natural stones, among others. We also handle difficult situations such as stains, malodors, pet dander, smoking and cooking odors and emergency water restoration. We have preferred vendor partner status with a number of flags including Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt and Fairmont. Through our combination of approx. 30 franchised and company-owned offices our presence covers the entire U.S. and two other countries.
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