AAHOA Elects New Board Members at Its 2012 Annual Convention

The Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) has elected new Board members to complete its Board of Directors for the 2012-2013 Board term. The elections were held Saturday, May 5 during the 2012 AAHOA Annual Convention & Trade Show at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Ga.

AAHOA The AAHOA membership elected Jay R. “Jimmy” Patel, CHO as the association’s newest Secretary. Prior to his election to serve as Secretary, Jay “Jimmy” Patel served as the North Carolina Regional Director for AAHOA.

The 2012-2013 Board of Directors is comprised of the following Officers and Directors, with the terms of the newly elected members indicated below:


-  Chairman, Alkesh R. Patel, CHO

-  Vice Chairman, Mehul B. “Mike” Patel, CHA, CHO

-  Treasurer, Pratik R. Patel, CHA, CHO

-  Secretary, Jay R. “Jimmy” Patel, CHO

-  Ex-Officio/Past Chairman, Hemant D. “Henry” Patel, CHO

-  President, Fred Schwartz

Regional Directors

-  Central Midwest Regional Director, Paresh “Pete” Patel, CHA, CHO

-  Florida Regional Director, Jayesh “Jay” Patel, CHA

-  Gulf Regional Director, Nimesh A. “Nick” Zaver, CHO

-  Mid East Regional Director, Bhavesh B. Patel, CHO (Elected to a 3-year term)

-  Mid South Regional Director, Ramesh K. “R.K.” Patel, CHO (Elected to a 3-year term)

-  North Carolina Regional Director, Pratik Bhakta (Elected to a 3-year term)

-  North Central Regional Director, Dilipkumar S. “Dipak” Patel, CHO

-  North Georgia Regional Director, Atul G. Patel, CHO

-  North Pacific Regional Director, Suresh P. “S.P.” Patel (Elected to a 3-year term)

-  North Texas Regional Director, Mehul B. “Mike” Patel, CHA, CHO

-  Northeast Regional Director, Jayesh R. Patel, CHO

-  Northwest Regional Director, Arvind G. Patel (Elected to a 3-year term)

-  South Carolina Regional Director, Mitesh Patel, CHA, CHO

-  South Central Texas Regional Director, Pratik R. Patel, CHA, CHO

-  South Pacific Regional Director, Anand G. Patel, CHO

-  Southeast Texas Regional Director, Dipak N. “Danny” Patel

-  Southeast Regional Director, Vacant (To be appointed by the Board)

-  Southwest Regional Director, Dinesh S. “Dan” Rama, CHO

-  Upper Midwest Regional Director, Chandresh Brahmbhatt (Elected to a 3-year term)

-  Washington District Regional Director, Dharmendra Patel

Directors at Large

-  Director at Large, Bharat “Bruce” Patel, CHO

-  Director at Large, Hitesh “H.P.” Patel, CHA, CHO

-  Director at Large, Jayesh “Jay” Lallu, CHO (Elected to a 3-year term)

-  Director at Large, Jitendra “J.D.” Deva (Elected to a 3-year term)

-  Director at Large, Ketan Patel (Elected to a 3-year term)

-  Director at Large, Satish “Sunny” Gabhawala, CHO

-  Female Director at Large, Eastern Division, Jagruti Panwala

-  Female Director at Large, Western Division, Komel “Tina” Patel, CHO (Elected to a 3-year term)

- Young Professional Director, Dave Patel, CHO

Allied Director

Allied Director at Large, Faheem Khan, CHO Senior Vice President, Group Manager, Chase Paymentech

"I am very excited to work with this Board during my term as Chairman to further our aggressive agenda and carry on the great tradition of leadership at AAHOA,” said Alkesh R. Patel, CHO, AAHOA Chairman. “As the voice of hotel owners in the industry, AAHOA is poised to go to even greater heights under our new Board."

“I am confident that this Board will further the hard work and accomplishments of the previous Board,” said Fred Schwartz, AAHOA President. “Expectations will be high, as always, to strengthen the AAHOA brand and provide invaluable benefits for our members.”


The Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) is THE voice of owners in the hospitality industry. Founded in 1989, AAHOA is now one of the fastest-growing organizations in the industry, with nearly 11,000 members owning more than 20,000 hotels that total $128 billion in property value. AAHOA members employ 578,600 full- and part-time workers with a $9.4 billion payroll. AAHOA Officers include Chairman Alkesh R. Patel, CHO; Vice Chairman Mehul B. “Mike” Patel, CHA, CHO; Treasurer Pratik R. Patel, CHA, CHO; Secretary Jay R. “Jimmy” Patel, CHO; and President Fred Schwartz, each of whom works closely with a 33-member Board of Directors to provide direction for the association. AAHOA is dedicated to promoting and protecting the interests of its members by inspiring excellence through programs and initiatives in advocacy, industry leadership, professional development, member benefits, and community involvement.

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