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Italy's Baglioni Hotels Appears To Be Heading For Marketing Oblivion, Despite Its Collection Of Impressive Hotels

Although it has only 11 hotels, all of which are detailed in its (badly-designed) corporate brochure, four of them are not, in effect, part of Baglioni Hotels, and are not marketed by Baglioni.

Travel Business Analyst These are the Cala del Porto in Italy (due to join Relais & Chateaux this year), plus three in France (two of which are already with R&C). There are no clues in the brochure that these four are separate.

Worse, three of the groupís hotels in Italy are represented by Leading Hotels, two by Summit, one by Sterling, and one is on its own. (As noted above, the 8th hotel in Italy is not formally part of Baglioni.)

This marketing inefficiency seems to be the work of Baglioniís owner, Roberto Polito.

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