RateGain's Hotel Rate Parity Trends - Australia & New Zealand (Nov 2012 - Jan 2013)

Hotel rate parity trends for November 2012 to January 2013 of three, four and five star hotels across some of the major cities in Australia & New Zealand.

The report shows the percentage of hotels with cheaper rates on their own brand site compared to their rates on other OTAs.


City % Of Hotels in Parity % Of Hotels Cheaper on Brand Sites % Of Hotels Cheaper on OTA Sites
ADELAIDE 40.63% 39.93% 19.44%
AUCKLAND 49.47% 11.43% 39.10%
BRISBANE 48.20% 32.28% 19.52%
CHRISTCHURCH 42.52% 35.90% 21.58%
GOLD COAST 44.95% 41.59% 13.46%
MELBOURNE 44.56% 28.19% 27.25%
PERTH 53.02% 32.08% 14.90%
SYDNEY 43.96% 24.07% 31.96%
WELLINGTON 34.49% 12.74% 52.76%

NB: RateGain specializes in competitive price intelligence and rate shopping solutions for hotels, online travel companies and airlines. It currently tracks more than one billion hotel rates every month across countries in US, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Latin America.

NB2: The above data is indicative in nature and RateGain can’t be held liable for its accuracy or usefulness for any purpose.

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