Advantage Reserve Doubles Voice Reservation Service Capacity

Pay-for-Performance Business Model Helps Drive Company’s Growth

Advantage Reserve Advantage Reserve LLC, a company specializing in high-quality, high-touch voice reservation services to independent hotels , resorts and management companies, has moved its offices to a new location in Manhattan, doubling its capacity and positioning itself for future growth. Advantage Reserve now has more than 150 hotel clients and 80 employees—significant growth since the company was founded just five years ago.

“Our new, three-story, 60-seat call center gives us the room we need to grow,” says Robert Wilson, president of Advantage Reserve. “Increasingly, hoteliers are realizing the bottom-line benefits of working with a company like ours—one offering a pay-for-performance business model where the hotel is only charged when a call is converted. If we are not booking, they are not paying.”

Advantage Reserve does not charge any implementation, setup or per-minute fees. Hotels are only charged for actualized reservations and never charged for cancellations, no-show or non-reservation calls that find their way to the Advantage Reserve call center. Hotel partners benefit from experienced hotel industry professionals while avoiding the additional expenses associated with salaried or hourly employees.

More Than a Reservations Service

“We’re more than a reservation service,” Wilson says. “We’re a pro-active sales force focused on the challenges our hotel clients face every day: from depleting perishable hotel room inventory, to transforming first-time callers into lifelong guests. We work to gain a deep understanding of your property’s unique selling-points and view each call as an opportunity to increase your average daily rate through cross-sell and up-sell of your hotel’s profitable amenities, so you can minimize your workforce while maximizing profits.”

Advantage Reserve agents book into all of the major central reservations systems. Earlier this year, Advantage Reserve announced that it has been certified by MICROS Systems, Inc. for a two-way interface with the MICROS OPERA Property Management System (PMS). Advantage Reserve is the first and only voice reservations services provider to have the interface with the OPERA PMS.

“The OPERA interface has been one of the main drivers of our company’s growth,” Wilson says. “The interface makes it that much easier for our partner hotels to provide us with rates and inventory and receive our reservations directly. It truly allows us to act as an extension of, or substitute for the in-house reservations department. The ability to book into the PMS in real time via the two-way interface is an enormous benefit for the hotel and guests. It’s complete connectivity. It is as if our agents were behind the front desk of the hotel.”

Highly Trained Call Center Agents

Advantage Reserve’s multilingual agents are seasoned hoteliers trained to be knowledgeable of each property Advantage Reserve represents. During a call, the guest never knows the reservation agent is not sitting at the property. Advantage Reserve provides incentive programs to its agents and ongoing training and mystery shopping to keep them up to speed on the features and benefits of its customer’s locations.

“We compile and distribute weekly reports to our hotel partners that include the volume of reservations made, room type, and rate category,” Wilson says. “We also provide conversion ratios: regrets, denials, and total conversions. We offer full reasons for regrets and denials—on a weekly basis.”

The Advantage Reserve team can handle full time and/or overflow and after-hours calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

About Advantage Reserve, LLC:

Advantage Reserve is a provider of high-quality, high-touch voice reservations services exclusive to the hospitality industry. Located in the heart of New York City, Advantage Reserve partners with independent hotels, resorts and management companies to provide toll-free private label voice reservations on an on-demand or as-needed basis 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Advantage Reserve is comprised of seasoned hoteliers and focuses on service to guests and hotel partners first and foremost. The company’s mission is to enhance the service levels, revenues and profitability of its client hotels by providing timely, gracious and informed assistance to potential guests—resulting in outstanding conversion of reservation inquiries. For additional information, contact Robert Wilson at (212) 989-3684, e-mail, or go to


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