Knowland Launches Target Net Multi-Property User Permissions

Designed for management companies with complex reporting and permission based needs, Target Net Multi-Property is the most sophisticated permission based sales and catering (S&C) solution the industry has seen to date

The Knowland Group The Knowland Group, a leading provider of business development solutions for the hospitality industry, announced today that it has launched industry-leading, multi-property, user-based permission groups for Target Net. Knowland’s new multi-property permissions are the most sophisticated permission-based Sales and Catering solutions within the hospitality industry. Target Net uses a cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) architecture, which facilitates the configuration of unlimited user roles, across completely configurable groups of hotels.

Sales and catering staff can have complete, limited or no access permissions to other hotel bookings based on:

  • Booking Status (definite, tentative, prospect, turn-down, cancel)
  • Hotel groups (typical set-up includes limiting rights for hotels with different owners)
  • User role (Regional directors, DOS, Sales Manager, Catering staff, etc.)
  • Read, write, edit, add, delete, archive abilities
  • And much more!
Target Net permissions create possibilities for users to range from full access to the system-wide reports and booking details at an above-property level for a vice president, while also allowing for property-specific access to a director of sales, and as far down as a site-specific, limited view-only role for a banquet manager. The comprehensive approach to Target Net’s permission group settings will allow for enterprise customers to maintain an unlimited number of user experiences for their entire Sales and Catering teams throughout their organization.

“Diverse Management Groups and individual brands need multi-property permissions to have full control over every aspect of the application for every type of user, without limitations,” said Knowland Chief Sales Officer Kathleen Garcia. “We have developed a fully scalable, group-based architecture for Target Net user permissions.”

Target Net is true SaaS, accessible anywhere Internet access is available and does not require expensive installations like server-based software systems. It is highly configurable and can be adapted quickly to better meet any hotel’s needs. Backed by Knowland’s complimentary customer service and agile development process, Target Net can free hoteliers from expensive maintenance and support contracts while supplying them with a superior enterprise solution.

About Knowland

The Knowland Group is a proven innovator, developing intuitive marketing products and services that streamline and support event and group sales in the hospitality industry. Headquartered in Washington, D.C. in historic Chinatown, the Knowland Group serves more than 3,000 hotel clients and 25,000 users globally. Knowland is ranked as the 76th fastest growing software company in North America by Deloitte and the second fastest growing private company in the travel industry for both 2009 and 2010 by Inc. Magazine. For more information, please visit Knowland’s website or call (410) 860-2270.

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