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Rezidor and Cerruti: Fashioning hotels

Rezidor SAS has joined fashion group Cerruti to create a new lifestyle hotel brand, Cerruti Hotels.

Travel Business Analyst This follows the failure of Rezidor’s equity partnership with UK’s Marylebone Warwick Balfour for the Malmaison brand. Two years ago, when Rezidor and MWB teamed up, there was talk of 25 Malmaisons in Europe. But none were added, and Rezidor sold its share late in 2002.
Rezidor, at an official presentation of Cerruti, said:
[ ] Cerruti hotels may be new builds or conversions. Each hotel will have a “distinct architectural character”, “imposing entrance”, and individually-designed rooms - rigid requirements that will be difficult to meet.
[ ] They will have 120-175 rooms, Cerruti cafes, Italian-style wine bars, and two or three boardrooms. Several properties have already been secured, and it is hoped the first will open by June 2004.
In an interview with Travel Business Analyst, the CEO of Rezidor said:
[ ] The Cerrutis will be a trattoria/bar/hotel (“like a trattoria where the owner puts a few rooms above the bar so that he can get a liquor licence”), so the property name will be more likely to be the restaurant - which appears to indicate that SAS Rezidor name will not be used.
[ ] Three are being built - in Brussels (which was to be a Malmaison; the owner has not yet agreed to the change but he is not expected to object), Berlin, and the third is also believed to be in Germany.

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