TeleAdapt Takes MediaHub-TV Integration to the Next Level, Adds CEC Hospitality Profile to the New MediaHub TL™ Range

Built-in CEC over HDMI simplifies installation, reduces costs to the hotel and enhances the mobile-to-TV connectivity experience for the guest

TeleAdapt TeleAdapt, the global leader in hospitality connectivity solutions, is pleased to announce the completed integration of HTNG’s Hospitality Profile for HDMI Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) in their newest MediaHub TL connectivity panel product line.  MediaHub’s new CEC feature is fully compatible with Samsung’s AnyNet+ as well LG’s SimpLINK CEC technologies for the most enhanced plug-and-play guest experience on the market. The guest’s audio/video content as well as auto-TV-switching control is now transferred through only a single-HDMI cable connection to the TV.
Neil Betterton, vice president of product development for TeleAdapt, explains, “CEC compatibility with these top TV makers means our customers can choose MediaHub TL, the most feature-rich connectivity panel on the market, and know that we will operate seamlessly with their VOD, set top box, DVD player or any other entertainment peripheral they want to add to their in-room system. And, regardless of their system components, we will require only one HDMI cable connection and only one HDMI port on that TV. It’s as simple as that.”
It is common to see travelers accessing their entertainment content in completely new ways when away from home such as Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora on their gaming consoles, tablets and other mobile devices. Hotel guests can use MediaHub to experience their music, movies, video games, photos and other multi-media content from their personal multimedia device through the hotel room’s flat screen HDTV. When using MediaHub’s CEC technology, guests can also power on the LG or Samsung TV just by plugging into the room’s MediaHub TL.
Betterton adds “watching on a mobile makes sense on an airplane, but when they get to the hotel you want connect into the TV and get back to that at-home type of experience. That’s where MediaHub comes in. We make the TV mobile-friendly, making it possible for the guest to connect seamlessly without having to reach behind a mounted TV to plug in, disable the VOD system to turn on auxiliary ports, or even use the remote control to turn the in-room entertainment system on.”
TeleAdapt has had its finger on the pulse of in-room connectivity needs for over twenty years, analyzing mobile media trends and what that means for hotel room technology.  Their recent CEC integration with hospitality’s top TV brands will break barriers for hoteliers looking to invest in a future-proof TV connectivity solution.  MediaHub TL is now the only comprehensive solution boasting universal compatibility with guest mobile devices, a simplified single HDMI cable installation process and seamless interoperability with other suppliers in the in-room entertainment space.
TeleAdapt MediaHub TL product range is available in a variety of model variations with trim options to fit any room décor.  Each panel features connections to view standard and high definition content from any mobile device as well as USB or AC power for device charging.  Built-in TruLink® technology also offers remote firmware updates via FTP, network-based remote manageability and guest usage reporting for improved ROI evaluation.
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