Experiential Hospitality: Doing More With Less - By Osvaldo Torres Cruz

The above title refers to the character of the hyper- competitive current hotel market and how hotels should apply many more resources to promote their products and associated services and above all, capture the attention of new customers (prospects) as the only way to grow as a company in the market.

HTrends Fortunately, those hotels that have implemented the Experiential Hospitality as a working tool, have been favored by the acquisition of new guests, since their stays turned into unique and unforgettable holistic experiences, reinforcing attitudes of commitment and goodwill from the guest, which becomes a valuable ally in Hotel promotion and advertising in the market, role that makes him assume, by his own free will, very expensive tasks on behalf of the Hotel, such as:

1. Prospecting or exploration to find potential customers:

Enabling the guest experiences that lead to always achieve the desired emotional state, will boost his need to share the same within his inner circle, i.e. friends, relatives and acquaintances. The Experiential Hospitality makes every guest who arrives at the Hotel, an inexhaustible source of potential customers and provides the advantage that the prospective stage is carried out by the customer motivated by their own free will.

2 - Reducing the time and means to the research that is carried out in order to meet the interests, activities and habits of these potential customers:

Often happens that are the same guests who make us to get valuable information about the people to whom they have recommended the Hotel. This is explained by the desire of the guests participate in the design of experiences of these potential customers, so that in this way, prospective customers can reach the same emotional levels the guests have already experienced. This action has a great advantage because offering a la carte experience designs will have an impact on his decision-making at the time of choosing Hotel.

3. The simplicity in the pre-approach and presentation of the Hotel sales message:

The loyal guest is the one who takes this step, giving it a high level of authenticity, because as it has been shown, the potential customers rely much more on feedback from the guests based on promises kept and real experiences, than in Hotels´ pledges that appear on its web sites.

Comments from guests who have had an holistic experience in the hotel, have a high level of persuasion that reinforces the behaviors of approaching the Hotel from potential customers , i.e., the potential customer approaches the hotel motivated by the credibility of the information coming from someone who has already been a guest before.

In summary, we can say that the Experiential Hospitality grants the Hotel the benefit of doing more with less, i.e., boost the interest of potential customers on products and services offered at the lowest cost possible, as this action will be taken over by satisfied customers, which undoubtedly will become the pillars of the Marketing Department of a Hotel.

Osvaldo Torres Cruz

Hotel Butler

Guest Experience Design Advisor.



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