Adoba® Eco Hotel And Suites Advocates A New Sustainable Twist In Travel Right In The Heart Of Texas 'Big Country'

Adoba® Hotel Brand is strengthening its position as a green hotel industry leader by setting their sustainable sites into the legendary Heart of Texas.

Adoba Eco Hotel & Suites Atmosphere Hospitality Management owners President & CEO Jim Henderson and Global Head of the Brand Adrienne Pumphrey at a recent press conference shared Adoba®’s plans to further expand its portfolio and Abilene, Texas was revealed as promising desired location. 

Adoba® presently operates two hotels and by 2014, Adoba® will open three additional hotels in the Northeast. The Abilene, Texas project was suggested to be the first Platinum LEED Certified Conference Center Hotel, located in the thriving community of Abilene, Texas. This milestone will mark the first Adoba Eco Hotel to be built from the ground up rather than as a renovation project, meaning the facility will be 100% green from the get go! 

The Adoba®’s full service conference center hotel prototype will challenge industry standards with its desired Platinum LEED design and 100% certified sustainability. Proposing approximately 300 eco-luxury guestroom and suites design and technology advanced systems for the green conference center space that would accommodate events ranging from small functions to statewide gatherings. Offering 14,000 square feet of uninterrupted meeting space and an elegant, 9,000 square foot ballroom makes the facility as versatile as it is sustainable. Guests could enjoy the signature Atmosphere Bar and Grill, featuring a wood fired organic dining room, spacious indoor/outdoor pool and a stunning courtyard fit for stylish weddings and Texas premier events.

“Large regional and national groups require room blocks of 200 to 1250 hotel rooms during peak nights of attendance,” said Paul Grohman, land owner. “The availability of a new hotel will augment the room inventory and lead to additional convention bookings that will also increase utilization of the Abilene Civic Center and we thought the progressive Adoba Brand would be an ideal fit.” 

“This exciting new hotel venture will serve as an underpinning for our already robust tourism industry and stimulates additional private investment. This is the perfect time to get shovels in the ground and put people to work,” said James Henderson Atmosphere Hospitality Management CEO/President. “This expansion could create jobs not only for those who build the hotel and eventually work at this hotel, but also for those working at community restaurants, nightspots, sports and entertainment.”

While the conference center hotel is reason for excitement, the community of Abilene holds equal promise in progressive growth. A diverse economy and sophisticated fascinating community makes Abilene an ideal destination for worldwide travelers. Visitors will enjoy the convenience of the Abilene Regional Airport, the Abilene Civic Center, a Hunter Welcome Center, as well as state of the art universities and hospital facilities such as: Hendrick Medical Center, Hardin-Simmons University, Abilene Christian University and McMurry University. 

Henderson says “The Adoba Brand team and l couldn’t be more pleased to be working with several members of the community, important groups and future businesses wanting to protect the footprint of Abilene for future generations of travelers. Together, we’ll have the opportunity to explore new investment opportunities and uncharted avenues of 100% sustainability in premier hospitality.”


About Atmosphere Hospitality Management

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