Technology Plus Hospitality Equals a New Era in Hotels

Staying at the best hotels has always been about comfort, relaxation and pampering – but now the increased opportunities that advanced technologies can bring are making smart tech an ever-more important facet of the hotel and hospitality experience.

HTrends From automated systems to the most state-of-the-art hospitality TV, the most forward-thinking hoteliers are embracing technology to ensure their establishments remain the most attractive destinations for travellers both now and in the future.
From portable set to information hub
Just looking at the most ubiquitous form of hotel technology, the hotel TV, we can see how impressively this has evolved over the past decade. It was not so long ago that televisions in hotel rooms were tiny portable affairs, often mounted high up on a wall bracket and with somewhat unreliable reception. The advent of digital TV and flat-screen technology changed all that forever. Nowadays, guests expect and demand the very best hospitality TV, at a level that is at the very least as good as their own television at home. On top of the large and gleaming TV sets that can now be found in every room, these TVs are also the digital gateway to a wealth of other information.
Information at the touch of a fingertip
Using the TV remote control – or even a touch screen – a guest is able to access all details of the hotel and the surrounding area's attractions, such as theatres, restaurants and cinemas. Guests are able to order room service, laundry services, newspapers, alarm calls and check out via their TV, while this hub also enables free wi-fi internet and other useful functions, such as docking stations for tablets, smartphones and iPods. It is clear that television is no longer a passive viewing experience for hotel guests, but rather a integral part of their stay.
Hotel rooms tailored for each guest's habits
Automation is the second aspect of the new technological era, giving guests the feeling that their accommodation is anticipating their every desire. Using sensors, rooms open the curtains and turn on the lights when a guest enters, and ensures that aircon and heating is switched off when they leave. Guests can configure the settings to suit early starts or lazy lie-ins, depending on preference. The combination of digital technology with a renewed commitment to the best in hospitality values is truly giving the hotel sector confidence in a bright future.

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