A New Desk Lamp From Pineapple Hospitality Does More Than Light Up a Room

HeronLED® Personal Task Lights Save Energy, Illuminate Desk Areas - Elegant, Ergonomic Lamps, Made in the USA from Recycled Materials

Pineapple Hospitality Energy efficient, elegantly designed and made in theUSA, the HeronLED® Personal Task Light is shining a warm, white and sustainable light on hotel desks across America. Manufactured from recycled computers, printers, and other electronics, the HeronLED® Personal Task Light is the newest green product from Pineapple Hospitality. The acknowledged leader in distributing greener products for the hospitality industry, Pineapple Hospitality is the master distributor of the HeronLED® Personal Task Light.

A New Desk Lamp From Pineapple Hospitality Does More Than Light Up a Room
Efficient, elegant and highly sustainable, the HeronLED Personal Task Light is made from recycled computers and other electronics. It casts a warm white light on hotel desks and uses 10 times less energy than conventional lamps.

The HeronLED® Personal Task Light is the first made-in-USA hotel LED desk lamp to earn the ENERGY STAR and is the only one to be made from recycled computers and other electronics, known as e-waste. Its sleek, ergonomic design fits any room décor, providing better lighting for guests while reducing energy costs.

Manufactured by LittleFootprint Lighting®, a pioneer of sustainably designed LED task lighting products, the lamp uses only four watts - seven to 10 times less energy than conventional desk lamps. The replaceable LED bulb lasts 15 years or 50,000 hours. The HeronLED®'s adjustable, ergonomic design allows guests to focus the light were it is needed and provides a warm, white light of 220 lumens. Designed and manufactured in the USA, the lamp carries a five year warranty. Hoteliers benefit from substantial energy savings, low maintenance, and added LEED credits.

The HeronLED® also casts a light on a property's environmental efforts, according to Ray Burger, CEO of Pineapple Hospitality and a pioneer in the greening of the hospitality industry. "Guests want to stay at hotels that are green and committed to environmental initiatives," Burger asserts. "And while back-of-the-house efforts are key to realizing cost and energy savings, they are not immediately apparent to the guest. The HeronLED® makes a powerful, highly visible statement about a hotel's commitment to sustainability, and support of green, American-made products while meeting the needs of the guest."

Increasingly, guests are demanding not only sustainable products, but effective, well-designed lighting fixtures," notes Burger. "The Great Recession's impact on the hospitality industry is still being analyzed. But a lack of investment in guest satisfaction is clearly an issue." Burger cites a 2012 JD Powers survey that showed guest satisfaction at a record low, with complaints about Internet service, excessive charges and poor or inoperative lighting at the top of the list. "Saving energy with inadequate lighting solves nothing," says Burger.

Affordable, effective and elegant, the HeronLED® is a viable alternative for properties of every size and category. Seattle's Hotel 1000, known for its hi-tech, eco-friendly rooms and on Condé Nast Traveler's Gold List 2013, purchased the desk lamps to provide better lighting for guests while reducing energy costs and demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and green jobs in the US.

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About LittleFootprint Lighting

Founded by LEED AP Nancy Wahl-Scheurich and headquartered in Santa Cruz, California, LittleFootprint® Lighting is a manufacturer of sustainable LED task lighting products that are made in the USA from recycled materials. Designed for hotels, commercial buildings and home offices, LittleFootprint Lighting's products deliver the right amount of light where it's needed, saving energy and helping to reduce eye strain. LittleFootprint Lighting's products are distributed to the hospitality industry by Pineapple Hospitality.

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