New Bathroom Amenity Dispensers

New Bathroom Amenity Dispensers from Pineapple Hospitality Use Pharmacopia Products to Cut Costs & Waste, Raise Guest Satisfaction

America's hotels and spas could save $176 million annually by switching from packaged amenities to attractive, efficient dispensers. And that's just the impact on the bottom line.

Pineapple Hospitality

According to environmental guru Ray Burger, CEO of Pineapple Hospitality, the effect on the environment in terms of cutting waste, pollution and carbon footprint is even more profound. A pioneer in creating sustainable products for the hotel industry, Pineapple Hospitality has teamed with Pharmacopia to provide an attractive and more sustainable alternative to conventional hotel bathroom amenities. Hoteliers can now purchase branded dispensers and use well-known bath products that will reduce costs and waste while increasing guest satisfaction.

Pharma AVIVA III Chr SS Dispensers
Amenity dispensers are available in units of two or three chambers, that are easily refilled with Pharmacopia bath products.

Pharma AVIVAII Chr ss DispensersThe dispensers and products are available from Pineapple Hospitality. The sleek new dispensers are finished in a stylish shade of chrome and silver that complements any décor. They come with two or three chambers and are designed to dispense Pharmacopia's Verbena & Green Tea shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion. Each chamber features an attractive label in shades of rose, blue, mint, peach and lavender.

The dispensers feature a lock and attach to the bathroom walls with two-sided tape and silicone. The chambers are easily removed for refill, which is usually done by Housekeeping, twice per month. By using these dispensers, hoteliers can realize cost savings from 30 to 70 percent on bathroom hotel amenities.

The pairing provides the convenience and savings of a dispenser with a top quality product line. "Hotels are upgrading to high-end, eco-friendly amenities to gain a competitive edge," say Ray Burger. Pharmacopia products are of exceptional quality, available at both retail stores and online as well as in the company's new Hotel Amenities line. Pharmacopia uses eco-friendly ingredients and packaging and are toxin-free, vegan and cruelty-free. The soaps, shampoos and lotions are made from natural plant-based ingredients and packaged in post consumer recycled plastic bottles. There are no parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, synthetic fragrances or propylene glycol. The company is a trusted name in producing organic bath and skin products that are featured in major fashion, lifestyle and health magazines, including Vogue, Marie Claire, Allure, Oprah, Organic Health and Natural Health. Phamacopia's new scents of Verbena and Green Tea are winning rave reviews from guests and spa goers.

"Amenity dispensers shot are an idea whose time has come," asserts Ray Burger. But this was not always the case. When the dispensers first debuted in the 1990s, they were unattractive and in stark contrast to the overflow of luxury products used in the hotel "Amenity Wars" of that era. Luxury hotels rejected the concept as not in keeping with the standards of their brands. "Times and attitudes, have changed," says Burger. "Guests are demanding sustainable, quality products and less waste."

He notes how well guests have responded to various hotel environmental initiatives, such as re-using towels and less frequent changing of sheets. Now, environmentally and ethically-conscious travelers are calling for more innovations, including vegan and gluten-free products. Well-designed, good-looking and functional dispensers, filled with luxury bath products are becoming widely accepted by both guests and management.

Mid-price and luxury hotels of every size and brand are now turning to dispensers to reduce labor, cost and waste. Unlike packaged amenities, the dispensers do not need to be replaced daily; the products take up far less storage space and need for inventory tracking. Packaging is greatly reduced. Since fewer products are called for, shipping costs and carbon footprints are minimized. The attractive, convenient dispensers and the organic Pharmacopia products are a hit with guests.

"Today's guests are far more conscious of the dangers inherent in some cosmetics and bath products," Burger says. "Dyes, parabens, synthetics and other ingredients can be harmful. Guests are more comfortable knowing that they are using a healthy, cruelty-free product." The fact that Pharmacopia is an increasingly popular and effective brand contributes to a high level of guest satisfaction.

"Our guests really like the products and the convenience of the dispensers," says Natasha Hamilton, General Manager of the Nicolett Island Inn. The historic hotel is located on an island in the Mississippi River, connected by bridges to downtown Minneapolis. "The dispensers are very attractive as well as functional, so they fit in with our décor which is traditional, romantic and opulent." The bathrooms also feature a bar of soap from the Pharmacopia Hotel Amenity line at the sink. "For guests who prefer a bath, we can provide Pharmacopia bath salts," Hamilton notes.

Housekeeping is very pleased with the new and more efficient process, according to Natasha Hamilton. "Dispensers are filled once a week, there is much less mess and waste from plastic bottles and cardboard packaging," .

"Whatever the size of a property, hoteliers will quickly see substantial savings in labor, space, product and costs, " says Ray Burger. "Amenity dispensers are here to stay and we've just begun to realize their value to the environment and the bottom line."

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