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How to Make Your Website Sell - Not Just Inform - By Donny Riantori

As more travelers search online to make travel arrangements, an appealing and informative website is essential for any hospitality provider. But a well-designed website showcasing the hotel's advantages, even with sophisticated features such as video and interactive panoramas, is only doing part of the job. To realize the full potential of a hotel's online presence, the website should also be a selling tool.

Pelican Hotel Solutions Location and facilities are major factors in deciding where to stay, but most modern travelers, especially those conducting their own research online, compare rates, promotions, and packages before making a decision. To grab the attention of a knowledgeable traveler, a hotel website should prominently feature current rates and package information and other commercial incentives to book.

Displaying current rates increases website selling power

A survey recently conducted by indicated that 42 % of guests browsing for accommodation are price sensitive. They tend to search as many as 22 different websites looking for the best deal (ThinkWithGoogle). Including special rates, promotions, or special packages in your website will give a competitive advantage with many potential guests -- but only if information is displayed prominently and kept current through automatic integration with your CRS / BE system.

Attractive room photographs are more effective with updated room and package rates placed alongside.
Sample Screenshot for Hotel Room web page

Don’t hide your rate and package info behind the Booking Engine

A website booking engine can be an important source of information that can promote sales, but only website visitors with a firm intention to book will navigate to the booking engine interface. In average 70 % of web visitors are casual browsers who might be enticed to book if presented with an appealing rate or package. Up-to-date pricing information should be prominently displayed on every relevant web page.

Pelican Solution launches RATES & PACKAGES interface

The latest Pelican feature allows clients to display up-to-date rates and package rates for specific room types anywhere in the hotel website. The feature will automatically update room rates / package information on each page view based on valid rates on offer. Options include package information such as: rates, description, validity, package inclusion, and cancellation policy.

This feature is a free upgrade to all pelican partner hotels as part of Pelican's commitment to provide the best excellent client support. For further information please visit our website at or contact us at

Posted by Donny RiantoriWeb Design Manager

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