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BLYNK Helping Hotels and Restaurants Connect With Guests On Mobile Devices

Hotels and restaurants can have their own branded app, which is powered by Blynk’s platform. These apps run on Apple, Android and Blackberry OSX devices including iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and smartphones.

Blynk Blynk is quickly becoming the solution of choice for hotels and restaurants worldwide who want to have their presence on guests’ mobile devices. 

Blynk has a suite of products to create your presence on smartphones and tablets. 

Hotels and restaurants can have their own branded app, which is powered by Blynk’s platform. These apps run on Apple, Android and Blackberry OSX devices including iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and smartphones. The hotel’s app will be freely available on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and BlackBerry World. 

BLYNK LogoHotels can chose between two versions for their app, Lobby and Concierge. 

The Lobby App is ideal for hotels who want to have all their hotel information, pictures, videos, 360 degree views and social media in an app. The app can also be used to make hotel bookings and restaurant reservations. Its also the ideal way to get guest feedback directly from the app. Guests can use the app on their own smartphones. Hotels can also install tablets with their app, in high traffic areas like the front desk. Guests can explore and interact with the app while they are waiting. 

The Concierge App is for hotels who want to provide all the hotel services to checked-in guests. In addition to all the features in the Lobby version, guests can login with their last name and room number. They can then make common requests like room cleaning, in-room dining, wake up call, book a taxi and more directly from the app. Hotels can choose to install tablets in their rooms or rely on guest’s own devices. 

Restaurants can have their digital menu apps, powered by the Blynk’s restaurant platform. Restaurateurs can use the app as a digital menu. Guests or waiters can place orders directly from the app. With the home delivery feature, restaurants who do home delivery can greatly increase their revenues and make their home delivery process more efficient. 

Responsive Websites is the latest addition to Blynk’s suite of products for hotels and restaurants. These websites work on any device - desktops, tablets or smartphones. So no matter which device your guest is viewing your website, a perfectly formatted and usable website will be visible to them. This is helping hotels increase bookings when guests are viewing these websites from mobile devices. Hotels can also make changes to the website from a content management system. 

In keeping with their mission of providing a complete solution to hotels to connect with guests, Blynk also provides services to help hotels and restaurants market themselves on Social Media and with Online Advertising.

Blynk is busy with the next major release of their platform which powers its apps. The major feature is going to be in-room controls from the app. Blynk is working in collaboration with some big technology companies to deliver this product. 

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About Blynk 

Blynk, headquartered in Ahmedabad, India is on a mission to mobilize the entire hospitality industry.

Blynk has created a platform to create powerful mobile and tablet apps for hotels and restaurants which allows hospitality businesses to:

Control their digital content, 

Connect with guests and

Drive revenues. 

The app works on all Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. The apps have a web based control panel to control the content. The apps have powerful features like e-menus, shopping cart, call back requests, booking forms, local weather, Google maps, video streaming, 360* virtual tours and more. The app also supports international characters. The app can be downloaded from the App Stores either on guests’ devices or on devices provided by the hotel or restaurant. 

Blynk is now powering apps for the hospitality industry globally from Canada to Thailand and is growing at an exponential pace. Blynk was awarded ‘The Most Innovative Product’ by Travel & Tourism Fair (TTF) in 2012. 

Know more about Blynk on its website at For more information, please call +91 9925245300 or Skype ( or follow us on Twitter (@Blynkit). 

Contact: Mr. Sunny Goenka, Head of Business Development,

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