Employer Branding

Where is My Freshly Ironed Newspaper?

Steigenberger launches innovative employment recruitment advertising campaign

Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts "Where is my freshly ironed newspaper?" Although eccentric guests and unusual requests have long since been part of everyday life in the hotel business, such things also provide staff with an opportunity to display their individual strengths. Steigenberger Hotel Group's new employer branding plays with such images to stimulate interest in working for Steigenberger and InterCityHotels both at home and abroad.

Picture from Steigenberger Ad CampaignThe concept has been carefully worked out following an extensive investigation into the employer identity displayed by the Frankfurt-based hotel group. Internal studies and surveys revealed that employees very much appreciate opportunities to seize the initiative and act autonomously. This finding was identified as providing a competitive edge and subsequently formed the core of the new employer branding approach.

Guest and their unusual requests are the focus of the new campaign, which also encompasses new job advertisements, a new trade fair presence and new HR marketing material. The headline claim "Unusual requests? Our speciality!" underlines the aplomb with which staff go about their work. There will be a second campaign phase in 2014, in which the group's employees can become actively involved by submitting their own unusual guest experiences in a special competition. The best stories will win prizes and be included in the next campaign.

"Our staff prove just how good they are each and every day", explains Roberto Rojas, Head of Group Human Resources at the Steigenberger Hotel Group. "However, the level of performance they deliver is particularly noticeable when somewhat more unusual requests are received. We are looking for employees who have the individual personality to embody this customer and service orientation".

Puneet Chhatwal, CEO of Steigenberger Hotels AG also stressed: "Our employees make the difference. Especially in light of the impending shortage of skilled workers, we need to take responsibility for firing the enthusiasm of qualified staff and acquiring them for our company".

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