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Kennedy Training Network Announces Hotel Reservations QUEST Video and Training Program

A contemporary new approach for today’s over-informed, multi-tasking reservations callers who have shopped multiple channes before calling.

Doug Kennedy KTN announced today the launch of a contemporary new lodging industry reservations training program available in all formats including video (DVD), private webinars, on-site training and train-the-trainer versions.  

“When it comes to information, the balance of power has shifted to the caller’s side of the equation over the last decade or so” says KTN President Doug Kennedy, the instructional designer of Hotel Reservations QUEST.  “In the past most had very little information from a brochure, directory, or tourism guide book unless they had visited before.  That’s why back then we trained front desk and reservations agents to find out of the caller was familiar with the hotel, and then if not, find out the primary purpose of the trip.  Then based on a “business” or “leisure” reason for traveling, agents were trained to offer-up what we would today call a “30 second commercial” or “elevator speech.”  

“Now with all of the information available online, many of today’s callers have done extensive research prior to calling. What they don’t want to hear is a scripted list of the same basic features they have seen online,” Kennedy explained. “That’s why it’s important to find out what it is they need to hear in order to finalize a decision to book.”

Hotel Reservations QUEST focuses on a new process of Investigative QUESTioning to “unmask” the callers “story” or situation and to determine where they are at in their decision making process.  The program then uses the Hotel Value Pyramid as a model to explain where to start building value based on the caller’s existing knowledge about the area and location, the amenities and services and finally the accommodation itself.  Ultimately, the program focuses on getting the caller to commit versus to continue to channel surf for a better deal. 

The new training video is available on DVD for $129 plus $5.95 shipping.  Included is a list of recommended discussion questions and facilitator-lead activities that correspond with various stopping points in the video program. 

The program is also available via a series of three private webinars delivered just for your hotel or call center team.   Hotel Reservations QUEST is also available as a traditional, on-site training workshop as well as in a train-the-trainer format. 

To learn more about the new KTN program contact at or call (866) 922.4662 or visit


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