Hotel Operators, Tech Vendors Benefit from Trend Toward “Virtual Companies” That Deliver Cost Effective, Best-of-Breed Services

The Duck LLC Takes Off; Introplus Signs On

The Duck LLC Ridgefield, CT – September 24, 2003 - As the economy brightens amid predictions of real GDP growth of as high as 7% for 2004, hotel operators and technology vendors in the hospitality market are taking advantage of an upsurge in “virtual companies” with flexible business models that bring together best-of-breed project-focused teams. Introplus, a developer of opt-in web communities for people who want to improve productivity by pre-scheduling meetings among event attendees with similar interests, chose a virtual company, The Duck LLC, to strategically position its Introplus 1:1 product in the hospitality industry.

“Where many companies try and deliver turnkey services directly, we build project-focused teams that meet the specific needs of clients,” said industry veteran Danny Hudson, president of The Duck LLC. Hudson explained this approach provides the best talent for an engagement “without the traditional, big company overhead.” He noted that clients’ specialized projects could vary from needing a single person to help build company business strategy, to requiring a team that deploys technology around the globe.

A need for guidance on the best business strategy for introducing its Introplus 1:1 product into the hospitality vertical as well as business development help motivated Introplus to turn to The Duck LLC for a blueprint. “Our web-based product for cultivating networking and relationships is growing in acceptance among the wider group convention market, but we needed an insider’s guidance as we moved into the hospitality vertical,” said Deborah Grove, founder and CEO of privately held Introplus based in Redwood City, California. “We also looked for a company that could help us be long-term smart as we evolve new products and business directions for hospitality. Our search showed that The Duck was clearly the best fit for our needs.” Introplus 1:1 creates opportunities for focused, enriching, and fun experiences for consumers and special interest groups before, during, and after an event. Its mantra is “Shared interests, trusted relationships, a successful event.”

“Think of The Duck LLC as architect and general contractor for your business needs,” concluded Hudson, who said his mission is to help hoteliers and technology vendors protect their future profitability by making smart strategic decisions now. Before founding The Duck LLC, Hudson held executive positions with Newmarket International, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, ITT Sheraton and Hilton International both domestically and abroad. He has over 18 years experience in the global hospitality industry, and has lived in Australia, Japan and the United States. He currently resides in Connecticut with his wife and two daughters.

About The Duck LLC
The Duck LLC is a business strategy, marketing, and technology firm for hotel companies and technology companies that specialize in the travel and tourism industry. The company has a flexible business model, which brings together best-of-class project-focused teams; 19 years of corporate strategy expertise; and a rich network of professionals seasoned in a wide variety of disciplines. The Duck LLC is committed to helping clients become long-term smart as they evolve new products and business directions to protect their future profitability. For more information contact Danny Hudson at (203) 894 8651, or visit Lead, don't follow

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