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Anchor Marketing WESTLAKE, OHIO - Sept. 24, 2003 - The age-old adage "An inch of 'good ink' is worth more than a full-page ad" is as true today as it ever has been.

"The fact is that it costs five to tens times more to create and place an ad than it does to have a press release professionally written, distributed and proactively pitched by an industry insider. While successful business development strategies most often call for balanced advertising and Public Relations investments, cost-cutting times such as today cry for companies to rethink their spending habits," said Marty Whitford, president of Anchor Marketing Inc., a Westlake, Ohio-based PR/Marketing Communications Consultancy specializing in hospitality.

A former news and technology editor for HOTEL & MOTEL MANAGEMENT, Whitford gives Anchor Marketing's clients a distinct competitive advantage in both content and contacts. Having once walked in the shoes of the trade media, Whitford knows precisely what their criteria are for determining newsworthiness. From content concepts to message completion and delivery, Whitford ensures that every press release and case study created by Anchor Marketing means as much to the media and their readers (your current and prospective clients) as it does to you.

Not surprising, but unfortunately all too uncommon, Anchor Marketing's content work begins at the beginning. First things first: Whitford and company work closely with clients to establish three to five message themes for consistent communications - themes that drive home firms' top competitive advantages in both products and people (key facts that can be readily supported by client testimonials).

"Then we weigh each concept based on Associated Press news value guidelines, and pinpoint story angles and internal and external sources (clients and consultants) for concepts that pass the AP newsworthiness test," Whitford said. "Armed with solid ideas and information, Anchor Marketing conducts in-depth interviews, asking the same questions that the trade media and your potential clients want asked - details that all too often are missing in self-serving releases.

"Once our due diligence (message planning and development, research and interviews) is completed, Anchor Marketing wordsmiths the press release or case study," Whitford said. "Content is organized word for word to grab and keep readers' attention and interest. Written in strict adherence to Associated Press guidelines, Anchor Marketing's messages are designed to do reporters' jobs for them. Once again, our 'insider knowledge' of journalists' needs results in optimal free editorial coverage - or many inches of 'good ink' with every press release."

Anchor Marketing is adept at creating press releases and case studies that read exactly like front-page news stories (in fact, a few of the agency's messages have become cover stories for major hospitality trade magazines). However, Anchor Marketing recognizes that its unique blend of hospitality technology knowledge and trade media experience is only half the story.

"Everyone knows that who you know is as important, if not more important, than what you know," Whitford said. "Without our long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with the publishers, editors, and technology and news reporters, our clients' messages would lack the delivery vehicles that so many releases and case studies today lack.

"Quite honestly, close to half of the hundreds of releases sent to each media outlet every week typically go directly into 'the round file' or 'recycle' bin," Whitford said. "As mentioned, most releases lack the content (story angles/sources) and organization required. Many also lack attention-grabbing headlines and subheads that synthesize the news for the specific target audience. Others are just poorly timed - far too early or too late for the editorial cycle. Many, sad to say, are discarded simply because the media knows neither the technology provider nor their PR agency."

Anchor Marketing has compiled a comprehensive editorial calendar of the top hospitality trade media and the hot topics they're covering in 2003 and beyond. The agency works closely with reporters (folks Whitford used to rub elbows with) six to eight weeks ahead of the media's deadlines to craft messages catering specifically to special reports, sections and supplements.

In addition, Anchor Marketing has database of major hospitality and technology trade media, and key consultants and educators, as well as thousands of local and national newspapers. The agency's content distribution services include e-mailed press releases and case studies to major trade media and select metro markets. Anchor Marketing provides complimentary postings one of the industry's largest pay-to-play news portals,, and offers postings on for $95 per release (direct billed). These two pay-to-post news portals alone place the Anchor Marketing clients' news in front of tens of thousands of hospitality industry decision makers via the Web and e-mail.

"Again, because of our solid relationships with editors and the REAL NEWS we cultivate and provide, we consistently garner optimal positive editorial coverage for our clients," Whitford said. "Anchor Marketing … In a sea of competition, we help hospitality companies find and hold their position."

Anchor Marketing handles Public Relations and Marketing Communications for hospitality companies of all sizes and types. Among the agency's core solution offerings are:
* Press Releases - Concepts/Messages, Research and External and Internal Interviews, Copywriting and Editing, Formatting, Electronic Distribution and Proactive Pitching;
* Case Studies - Concepts/Messages, Research and External and Internal Interviews, Copywriting and Editing, Graphic Design/Layout, Electronic Distribution and Proactive Pitching;
* Product Spec Sheets - Concepts/Messages, Research and External and Internal Interviews, Copywriting and Editing, and Graphic Design/Layout;
* PowerPointTM Presentations - Ideal for launching new product lines or pitching entire lines to major customers;
* Client Surveys/Industry White Papers - Anchor Marketing serves as an independent third party conducting fax and e-mail surveys of clients and prospects, and then develops comprehensive reports on trends, statistics, preferences and best practices;
* Newsletters - Concepts/Messages, Research and External and Internal Interviews, Copywriting and Editing, and Graphic Design/Layout (saved as 4-page, 4-color PDFs for easy printing and e-mailing to clients, prospects, associates and strategic partners);
* Keynote Speeches - Our well-honed words make public speaking a breeze;
* Brochures - Content Creation and Graphic Design/Layout for any-size project;
* Advertising/Media Buying - The creation of catchy concepts, copy and integrated designs/layouts and related Media Buying services with agency discounts;
* Corporate Identity - Branding, repositioning, logo development and launching;
* Web Site Content - Just the right words to increase your web site traffic and sales;
* Competitive Market Analyses - Too busy to keep an eye on the competition? We understand - but if someone doesn't do it for you, you might not be competing for long!

"In today's Information Age, content rules the business world," Whitford said. "One well-researched, well-written piece of collateral can go a long way not only toward growing your media coverage, but also toward bolstering brand awareness and business development. Just as important, if planned and properly executed, each PR/MarCom project should be designed to be easily repackaged for reuse in a multitude of other online and offline formats.

"At Anchor Marketing, we're all about steering you in the right direction and anchoring your brands and business development efforts with unmatched CONTENT and CONTACTS," Whitford said. "Call or e-mail Anchor Marketing today to find out who we've helped in hospitality and how you can cut costs and boost business by taking advantage of our ongoing IH/M&R Show promotional packages with pricing discounted 20 to 30 percent."

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