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10 Tips for a Better Hotel Blog

Many hotel marketers worry that blogging is too time-consuming and won’t lead to increased sales. It’s a common misconception, but it keeps many hotels from reaping the benefits of qualified website traffic and valuable social media exposure. The truth is, blogging is critical for generating awareness and website traffic that can lead directly to sales.
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10 Tips for a Better Hotel Blog

HTrends Google reports over 70% of travelers use search engines to find information about destinations, accommodations, and what to do on vacation. If your blog provides information they’re searching for, your hotel will gain search engine exposure. By offering helpful information, you also give people a reason to choose your property. Here are ten tips for producing a successful hotel blog.

Be Helpful: Blogging about your hotel is good, but it should not be the main focus of all your blog posts. Blog posts that provide information people can use are more likely to be shared. Here are a few blog topic ideas to get you started.

  • 10 Things You Didn’t Know About [Insert Your City Name]
  • Fun Things to Do Within Walking Distance
  • How to Get Around in [Insert Your City Name]
  • 5 Fun & Free Things to Do In [Insert Your City Name]
  • 5 Best-Kept Local Restaurant Secrets
  • Pack for A Week With Only 1 Carry-On
  • The Best Room Set-Up for Your Meeting
Tell Your Story: When you do write directly about your hotel, talk about what makes you unique. Are you a family-owned, local business? If so, inform your readers of that and explain how your hotel gives back to the community. Does your hotel provide award-winning guest service? Write a post about the great things you are doing every day to improve your guests’ experience. When you are blogging about an award or company recognition, try to avoid making it sound like a press release. Use a polite, conversational tone rather just stating facts about your achievement. Doing so will better engage your reader. Here are a few more ideas for blog posts directly related to promoting your company.
  • Benefits of Participating In Your Rewards Program
  • The Unique History of Your Hotel
  • The Story and Images of a Guest’s Wedding at Your Hotel
  • Your Hotel’s Efforts to “Go Green”
  • A Feature on Your Hotel’s Executive Chef
  • Your Hotel’s Charitable Contributions
  • Upcoming Special Events
Utilize a Content Calendar: Organization and consistency is key for a successful hotel blog. Utilize a content calendar like this one to help you brainstorm ideas and encourage accountability from your writers.

Post Frequently & Regularly: Readers will return to your website if you post content often and on a regular schedule. Posting at least once a week will lead to higher website traffic and increased readership.

Choose Creative Titles: If you have a great blog post, the right headline can make it go viral. For example, instead of “5 Fun Things to Do in Dallas,” try a headline like, “5 Things You Must See Before Leaving Dallas.” Give the reader that extra motivation to check out your blog post.

Use Keywords Appropriately: Your blog posts should include words and phrases that people would use to search for hotels in your location. Including keywords will help your website rank well in search engine results. However, you should not stuff your blog posts with keywords to the point where it sounds unnatural. Doing so could actually hinder your search engine rankings. Use keywords in moderation, and only when they sound appropriate.

Include Pictures and Infographics: Images are important for attracting readers to your blog from social networks. If there is a picture in your blog post, it will appear when people share it on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Images also help readers better understand your subject matter. Infographics are helpful and provide a great way to summarize a detailed blog post.

Make It Easy for Visitors to Subscribe: Viewers are looking for instant gratification. If it takes too long to subscribe to your blog, readers will lose interest and not follow through. Make the subscribe module on your blog easy to find and navigate.

Make It Easy to Share: Ensure each of your blog posts include social media sharing buttons so readers can share your content with just one click right from your blog. Include buttons for social networks that make the most sense for your hotel. If you cater to corporate travelers, include LinkedIn. If you cater to tourists, don’t forget Pinterest. If you aren’t sure what social networks to choose, we suggest starting with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+. Offering too many social sharing options may feel overwhelming to readers.

Repost In Social Media: Each time you publish a blog post, share it in your hotel’s social media networks – and don’t be afraid to share it again over time. People who missed your post today may see it if you share it again in a few weeks.

Now is the time to take your hotel’s blog to the next level. Don’t miss out on the valuable website traffic and social media exposure blogging provides.

About the Author: Lynn Black is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Paveya, an Internet marketing services company specializing in strategic hotel Internet marketing.

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