Super Bowl

Super Bowl Fizzle - By John Hendrie

Folks in the Event Planning business must have winced over the Super Bowl extravaganza of this past Sunday, February 2, 2014.

LRA Worldwide Here was the most eagerly watched sporting event of the year, and it was just awful.  The game featured the best two teams of the season, the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos, being played in the Meadowlands of New Jersey.  At least the weather cooperated.

The Super Bowl Customer (or Viewer) Experience considers three aspects:  the Game itself, the Half-Time Entertainment and the Advertising.  All three fell short.

The Seahawks just annihilated the Broncos, 43-8, starting with the first 12 seconds of the game and a safety, as the ball flew over Peyton Manning’s head.  It never improved for the Broncos.  The Seahawks were on fire; the Broncos just lifeless.  By the third quarter, many were considering what might be on the other channels, which, typically, had sparse fare, due to the competition from the Super Bowl.  Viewers lost out across the board.  Customer Experience:  -1.

So, perhaps the Half-Time Entertainment would bring some joy.  Maybe another malfunction from the bodice of Janet Jackson or a rooster strut from Mick Jagger.  Wishful thinking!  Instead we had frenzy, flash and noise, courtesy of Bruno Mars along with the Red Hot Chile Peppers.  Their contribution was a tasteless cacophony, memorable for how bad it was!  Customer Experience:  -2.

Would some wonderful advertising bring us out of the funk?  Sadly, no.  By my count, perhaps two cut the mustard.  Budweiser, which spends huge amounts of money on marketing, came up with the returning soldier and the little puppy.  Then, Chrysler gave us Bob Dylan and his poetry about making cars in America.    This was not as edgy as Eminem in 2011 and his “imported from Detroit” story, but the result was favorable for those of a certain age, who might remember Dylan.  However, for all the advertising air time, though, the score must be another negative.  Customer Experience:  -3.

Well, we, the Viewer, lost out on all three counts - game, entertainment and advertising, but at least we were not being hammered by a blizzard or an Artic Vortex of cold weather.  I am sure that those who attended the event had a wonderful time, for hoopla is contagious, unless you were caught in the Secaucus PATH station, in transit to the game.  Personally, I would honor those security officers who had to patrol the marshes around the stadium; those are nasty wetlands.  Maybe, that is where Governor Chris Christy watched the game.

Thank goodness we have next year and Super Bowl XLIX!


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