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Basic Elements for Improve Energy Management System - By Ashly Kristina

Engage With Concern Top Management for Process - Establish a baseline or bottom line - Use Maximum Energy into the Business Process - Implementing ISO 50001

HTrends 1. Engage With Concern Top Management for Process

2. Establish a baseline or bottom line

3. Use Maximum Energy into the Business Process

4. Implementing ISO 50001

Engage With Concern Top Management for Process  

It is very common and logical practice that putting the company’s energy policies in the hands of business talents, which leading companies and responsible for real drivers in this area. These people possess have a systematic approach to energy management and gaining commitment from top management. Therefore, we can say that making the business case is an important element for the success of the energy management system. Additionally engagements with top management will leadership and resources that are needed for the development, implementation, operation, and continual improvement of the energy management system. They also help in defining the scope and boundaries of the EnMS, appointing an energy champion or management representative, and defining and communicating an energy policy.

Establish a baseline to Check Improvement

Everybody knows that we would take a measurement plan wherein they can measure energy performance and take action for future improvements. This baseline or plan involves choosing a "base year" or a "base period of time. The energy baseline consists of energy and organizational data from the initial energy review. Select a baseline on the basis of earlier reliable data is available, prior to beginning energy improvements; any applicable requirements from voluntary programs subscribed to by the organization; and the needs or satisfaction of key stakeholders.


Use Maximum Energy into the Business Process

As many companies know that full-value energy management only comes to those organizations that following standard method throughout the entire business process.  If you have a short term goal for an energy management program then it will fade away with the next re-organization or business cycle.

There are many companies that have a huge gap between current energy management practice and possible energy practice through implementing key success element. In fact, identifying the key prospect and element is very tough task for any organization but we have to find it anyway, there is no alternative available.

Implementing ISO 50001

Building an energy management system requires basic planning. ISO 50001 requires that energy planning be a documented process and must lead to actions that continually improve energy performance. ISO 50001 standards is the most efficient documentation standard which is designed especially for the business enterprises and entrepreneurs to assist them in complying with rules, laws, and regulations for improving their level of business. 

Therefore implementing such standard can help your organization to gain credibility and reputation within consumer and community. The standard kit that can be preferred by both large scale as well as small scale business enterprises for the perfect designing and implementation of effective energy management system. 

Such documentation helps the business enterprises to implant and design effective energy management system and fulfilling the gap that comes in the path of business development. The documentation kit offered by the ISO 50001 Consultancy can assist business enterprises in identification of elements of current operation and make future operations purposeful with energy review and energy base line management system. The kit was mainly developed for the purpose of assisting business oriented companies running in both national as well as international platform to enjoy reduction in energy consumption followed by gaining improvement in energy standard and performance with perfect utilization of ISO 50001 standards. 

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Ashly Kristina is a writer and a professional ISO Consultant who loves to write about the Energy management system and ISO 50001 standards procedures. She has written many articles on ISO Certification and CMMI Certifications.

Companies that are looking forward to implement an ISO 50001 require some key technical resources to initiate planning for an energy management system.

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