Automated Time And Attendance System

Lose Track of Time? The Importance of Accurate Time Tracking

Want one easy way to boost revenue, reduce labor costs and maximize employee productivity?

UniFocus Graphic showing a clock with the words UniFocus’ proven automated time and attendance system is a phone call away.

- Improve profitability

- Reduce and control operating costs

- Improve service quality and client satisfaction

- Enhance managerial performance

- Accurately tracking employee time cuts down on operating expenses

- Schedule and Monitor work hours to meet ACA requirements

- Minimize mistakes and avoid costly compliance fees and lawsuits with automated recording

- Eliminate time theft with time stamp confirmations

- Reduce administrative errors in payroll calculations

- Improve productivity and efficiency

- Promote timeliness and decrease absenteeism and tardies

- Deliver clear business analytics

Maximizing employee productivity and cutting your labor costs is a result UniFocus can deliver. Investing in an automated time and attendance system is an investment in your future.

UniFocus has partners in over 100 countries worldwide. Each year, more than ¼ million employees are scheduled by over 15,000 managers and over 3,000,000 surveys are administered with UniFocus. Our technologies are guaranteed to Increase Performance and Drive R.O.I. Discover how our advanced solutions can empower you and your teams with industry-leading applications, services and support.

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