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Bolton Football Stadium Hotel Kicks Security Up to New Level with VingCard Elsafe RFID Locking System

Unique hotel built into soccer club venue joins growing numbers of properties implementing enhanced security for guests and staff through RFID technology.
Bolton Football Stadium Hotel
Bolton Football Stadium Hotel

VingCard Elsafe Situated literally within the heart of the Bolton Wanderers Football Club, the Bolton Whites Hotel is a property fully integrated into Bolton’s Reebok Stadium that has opted to revamp its security and guest convenience capabilities by upgrading to Classic RFID contactless door locks by VingCard Elsafe, the global leader in hospitality security and part of the ASSA ABLOY Group.

Classic RFID by VingCardWith many rooms boasting a pitch side view to the 28,723 capacity stadium, the Bolton Whites Hotel is one of many large scale properties to recognize and act on the growing demand for enhanced security while simultaneously offering the latest in technological convenience. In selecting Classic RFID by VingCard, the hotel is equipped with a powerful anti-cloning locking system solution that is immune to the vulnerabilities widely reported with magstripe lock failures.

“Chief among our responsibilities is the ability to ensure a safe and secure environment to everyone within our premises,” said Suzanne Speak, Bolton Whites Hotel General Manager. “Only then can our guests truly begin to relax and enjoy the benefits that a hotel with such a unique location as ours can offer.”

Enhanced security aside, with Classic RFID by VingCard, the Bolton Whites joins an increasing number of properties in making the convenience of contactless RFID and NFC locks available to guests and hotel staff alike. “With RFID cards, both guests and staff no longer need frustrate themselves over either magstripe card misreads or demagnetization,” said Dave Atkinson, IT Director at the Reebok Stadium. “With the VingCard RFID locking system, all that is needed is for an RFID card to be held within close proximity of the reader on the door, so it is both easy to use and intuitive.”

A critical aspect of Classic RFID by VingCard, is its ability to provide access to next generation Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. With no additional installation needed, hotels such as the Bolton Whites are prepared to provide guests with a tool that allows doors to be unlocked using their own mobile devices. Making such technology available can greatly enhance guest convenience by circumventing trips to the front desk for either checking in or out.

VingCardElsafe is the world leader in developing locking systems, electronic in-room safes and energy management solutions for the hospitality industry, offering user-friendly systems that meet the unique operational needs of hotels and resorts. For more information, please visit

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Since introducing the world’s first electronic hotel door lock and first electronic in-room safe in 1979, VingCard Elsafe has installed products in more than 42,000 properties worldwide, securing in excess of 7 million hotel rooms. Today, their comprehensive product line is comprised of VingCard electronic locking solutions, Elsafe in-room safes, Orion energy management systems, and PolarBar minibars. VingCard Elsafe leads the industry in advanced locking technologies, including NFC, RFID/RF-Online and ZigBee-based networking solutions, and offers the only UL-listed electronic hotel safe on the market. With an extensive worldwide service and support network, VingCard Elsafe provides continuous support to its clients around the globe. VingCard Elsafe is part of ASSA ABLOY Hospitality, the world’s leading provider of hotel locking solutions. ASSA ABLOY is a publicly listed Swedish company traded on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

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