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Step in Dubai Hotels and Witness the Combination of Art and Technology - By Jenny Corteza

Step in Dubai Hotels and Witness the Combination of Art and Technology
Water Discus Hotel
Water Discus Hotel

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A Look at Dubai’s Five Most Luxurious Hotels and How the Combination of Art and Technology Separates them from the Rest of the World

Burj Dubai by Emaar Properties


Raffles Dubai

The Raffles is an iconic structure that enthrall the viewer at first glance. This majestic building is in Bur Dubai, a historic district and the pyramid shape of the building is an artistic vision in itself. The interior design of this hotel is one of a kind and boasts an aesthetically pleasing Egyptian style. This 19 story building holds three of its floors in a glass capstone. The sparkle of the gold at the top of the hotel further accentuates its artistic appeal and the Botanical Garden, on the third floor of the hotel is the ideal example of how art and technology combines to create an exquisite work for all to enjoy.

The convergence of the four elements of life; Earth, Air, Water and Fire, on the Eye of Horus, a glass dome that sits in the center of the garden will take your breath away.

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, which makes it the most majestic structure and a true epitome of art and technology combined. Burj Khalifa is home to various offices and the Armani Hotel, developed and styled by famous designer Giorgio Armani. A stay at the Armani will introduce guests to a sophisticated style of living that could only be experienced and defined by the Armani’s signature style. Being on the concourse level all the way up to level 8 and occupying levels 38 and 39 as well, the Armani hotel provides guests with the true Dubai experience giving them a full view of the city.

Keeping with the Burj Khalifa’s external and interior designs and adding accents with Eramosa stone floors, the Armani Hotel uses the latest technology to provide its guests with the most comfortable stay.

Jumeriah Emirates Towers

Voted as the Best Business Hotel in the Middle East two years in a row, the Jumeriah Emirates Towers is a true example of the iconic innovative buildings that the Dubai Hotel Industry seeks to create and display to the world. The astounding architecture of the Jumeriah boasts 56 different levels and is one of the most massive hotel structures in the world.

Al Maha, A Luxury Collection Desert Resort and Spa

Al Maha, A Luxury Collection Desert Resort and Spa


The Al Maha, as the name suggests is a collection of luxury resorts and spas. This hotel has a timeless design that is snuggled in a “verdant palm oasis” that gives visitors a Bedouin experience with its architectural design and atmospheric setting. This hotel is a mystical oasis that uses the backdrop of nature to create an artistic getaway for whoever is in need. The use of modern technology however, helps to create and provide a feeling of comfort, providing guests with all the amenities of modern living, right in the middle of the desert.

Water Discus Hotel

The Water Discus Hotel is expected to be Dubai’s premier hotel, displaying a true combination of Art and Technology. This hotel is expected to go above and beyond the expected standards of hotels all over the world. It will boast two different layers; one above the waters and the other beneath it, which will make it possible for customers to literally sleep with the fishes. The construction of this hotel has opened an avenue for a whole new era of hotels and with the pending completion of Water Discus, hoteliers who never thought this vision possible is now looking at it similarly to a transmission rebuild; a possibility no one thought was needed but greatly accepted once the first one was completed. 

Rendering - Water Discus Hotel



Author Bio:

Jenny Corteza is hotel connoisseur who enjoys traveling and exploring new things. She has toured Dubai endlessly and has enjoyed the lavish luxury that most of their hotels have to offer. Along with enjoying the finer things in life and providing other travelers with valuable information, Jenny enjoys reading and exploring new places through the pages of a book before visiting them and exploring them first hand.

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