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A Green Sleep Alternative - By Catherine McQueen

In recently looking at the issue of sustainable mattresses, I found myself falling in love with 100% Natural Latex. However – I missed one new product on the market; Bio-Pur Mattresses from Amerisleep.
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A Green Sleep Alternative

EcoVision Sustainable Learning Center In recently looking at the issue of sustainable mattresses, I found myself falling in love with 100% Natural Latex. However – I missed one new product on the market; Bio-Pur Mattresses from Amerisleep. Though they may not be 100% natural, they offer a much more sustainable memory foam option than all the others on the market. And as a lower price option than the Natural Latex mattress, this might be the most eco-friendly option for many hoteliers.

So, I sat down for an e-chat with Amerisleep to find out more about this new product.

GTI: Amerisleep is “the first memory foam mattress produced in the United States that uses natural, plant based material.” Can you tell us what plant(s) is the mattress made from and what percentage of this natural material is found in your mattress?

Amerisleep LogoAmerisleep: Our mattresses are approximately 40% plant based, with the plant material derived from soy beans. However, no memory foam mattress on the market is 100% plant based, since the technology is not quite there, yet. All memory foam mattresses contain some percentage of polyurethane. Some manufacturers will market latex as natural memory foam, but these are two different materials.

GTI: Did your company create the formula for the Amerisleep mattress? If not, where did it come from?
Amerisleep: Bio-Pur is our own proprietary formula and the formula for our Amerisleep mattresses. We engineered this in response to customers wanting a healthier alternative to mainstream brands like Tempurpedic, while still experiencing the pressure relieving and contouring properties that have made memory foam so popular.

GTI: How green is the manufacturing process for a Bio-Pur mattress?

Amerisleep: The manufacturing process for a Bio-Pur mattress begins with the patented Variable Pressure Foaming technique, in which our foam is created in a zero-emissions chamber without the need for chemical blowing agents like CFC’s. The zero-emissions aspect means there is no pollution leached into the air. We also use a halogen-free flame retardant barrier fabric rather than harsh chemical fire retardants.

And all of our foams meet or exceed the “Green Process Product Standards.” This means our products are screened through and surpass all three standards of Sustainable Products, Clean Air Production and Earth Friendly practices.

But going green goes beyond ingredients - it really is a shift in consciousness. We recycle 99.9% of our internal waste. We also try and recycle a significant portion of our post-industrial and post-consumer waste. We reuse scrap materials as often as possible. We also ship our mattresses using a revolutionary compression technology that allows more mattresses to be shipped on a single truck, minimizing the use of petro fuels and adhering to a strict environmental standard for earth conscience business practices.

GTI: Very impressive. And I see you use bamboo as the material for your mattress cover instead of organic cotton? Why?

Amerisleep: There are advantages to both. We chose bamboo for Amerisleep beds because of its silky feel and durability, and also for its unprecedented breathability which is essential for memory foam mattresses. Bamboo, if processed responsibly, is highly renewable and environmentally friendly.

GTI: But if a hotel is looking for an eco-friendly mattress, what would make them purchase Amerisleep over a Latex Mattress?

Amerisleep: Both Amerisleep’s beds and natural latex mattresses would be great purchases. What it comes down to is “feel” and personal preference. When a person lies on our mattress, the material curves to their body and transfers their weight across the surface of the bed to prevent pressure points and tossing and turning. While memory foam and latex remain the two top-rated mattress types in the industry, fans of one may not be fans of the other due to differences in how the materials feel. There is also the price aspect to consider, as an Amerisleep mattress costs about 50% less than a comparable natural latex mattress.

GTI: How well would these mattresses respond to multiple body types for hotel use? What about longevity?

Amerisleep: Memory foam contours to different sleepers’ body types for personalized comfort, which is one of the reasons it became popular. However, when designing our beds, we sought to address the top three complaints from memory foam owners; odor, heat, and movement. Our goal was to create mattresses that would be comfortable for almost anyone.

And – we’ve been successful. Amerisleep mattresses have an average owner satisfaction rating of 97% according to consumer reviews (versus 80% for all memory foam and 60-65% for innersprings). Less than 3% of people complain about heat or odor (versus 10-20% for other brands), and we’ve also addressed the issue of people feeling stuck or trapped in bed by producing a quick-response memory foam that rapidly adjusts to a sleeper’s movements. The Amerisleep Revere is probably best suited to accommodate multiple body types in a hotel environment, as it has a “universal” medium firm comfort level and 12-inch profile that would accommodate most people.

In addition, our mattresses have a 10-12 year comfort life when used as a primary mattress, versus 6-7 years for the average spring bed.

GTI: Can these mattresses be purchased at a bulk discount rate for the Hospitality Industry?

Amerisleep: Yes, we do offer bulk packages. We have supplied several sleep centers across the country and have been approached by several chains wanting to provide superior comfort for their guests while offering an eco-friendly sleep environment.

GTI: What are three words that best describe sleeping on an Amerisleep mattress?

Amerisleep: Cool, responsive and healthy.

Amerisleep mattresses, the most progressively eco-friendly memory foam in America, are available online via their state-of-the-art website, with clear product information and helpful resources.

Contributor: Catherine McQueen is the co-owner of the Green Leaf Inn, the first net-zero energy hotel being built in North America, and President of Admin Center, Inc., providing back-office support for companies involved in energy management and sustainability.

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