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What Tech Stories Do Hotel Operators Read?

Brand Names, Solid Solutions for Operator Challenges Are Softscribe Inc.’s Most-Read Stories

Softscribe Softscribe Inc., an Atlanta-based technology public relations firm, compiled a list of its top 70+ most read press releases and stories during the past 4 quarters, based on clicks back to client websites.

“I was amazed to see how the power of name recognition, and a clear tech benefit solution to solve operator challenges, delivered results for our clients,” said Julie-Keyser Squires, CEO of Softscribe Inc. “Operators want to know what peers are thinking and how to solve their own operational problems.”

Julie-Keyser Squires, CEO of Softscribe Inc.Squires notes recent headlines for Softscribe’s top 10 client announcements and stories highlighted at least one of these four elements:

  1. A company-brand name
  2. New technology
  3. Company news about the technology provider, and
  4. New client deal announcements
How do People Read News Now? They Scan Headlines and Sub-Heads.

“Marketers have 3 seconds and 6-to-8 words to capture their prospects’ attention with a benefit,” states Squires. “People scan headlines and sub-heads now. They also want to learn at least one new idea for time invested.”

Does Mobile Propel the Micro + Visual Trend in Technology Marketing?

“Scanning for news is driven by 3 trends: the rise of mobile to access news; algorithms like Summly, which lets you browse news fast and beautifully (think Yahoo News on your mobile); and peoples’ desire to be entertained with a visual,” said Squires.

What Does the Upward Trend in Blogs and Newsletters Suggest?

“Blogs and newsletters are on the rise and no wonder; they are a natural result of the Micro + Visual trend.” Squires said, “Softscribe’s format for blogs is 300 words, 3 visuals, and 3 paragraphs – each themed with a consistent category month-to-month (personal anecdote, customer news, product news), per blog post.”

Softscribe helps clients shorten the sales cycle and find customers faster through strategic public relations and marketing campaigns. The company’s technology clients target the hospitality and travel, casino gaming, multifamily, government, and related markets.

About Softscribe Inc.

Softscribe Inc. is an award winning market consulting, branding and PR corporation. Our innovative clients are companies that sell technology to enterprises in multiple markets. We solidify brand awareness and can increase annual sales 15% to 25% or more for them. We generate the right messages for client audiences 100% of the time. This is essential to close sales. Softscribe Inc.’s stellar team rises to your expectations with an average 18 years industry depth and experience in branding, marketing and PR. We are proud of our best-in-class clients and are ready to help you. Please give us a shout now, or visit www.softscribeinc.com.


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