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New Vizergy® Whitepaper – The Best Best Practice: Digital Benchmarking for Hotels

Complimentary Paper Authored by Digital DNA Infusion, LLC Provides Platform to Compare Your Property to Comp Set and Find Revenue Opportunities

Vizergy Benchmarking is perhaps the hottest hot topic in the hospitality industry.  While a quick search yields countless articles and opinions, Digital DNA Infusion, LLC and Vizergy worked together to provide a platform for hoteliers looking to refine their benchmarking.  Most hotel marketers use STR Global/STAR Reports, their own historical data and credible industry studies to compare performance to their comp set and the industry, but there are often common faults and ways to improve benchmarking practices.  This paper pinpoints those common faults and provides the best practices that hotel marketers need to consistently and correctly implement benchmarking.

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Image for the Vizergy Webinar - Digital Benchmarking for HotelsVizergy’s client portfolio, which includes a mixture of branded and independent properties, along with numerous hotel management companies and groups contributed to the content of this paper.  While many properties currently benchmark, it was apparent that property level managers sought more concrete guidance on the subject.

“With the myriad of online marketing performance analytics programs and third party data, it can be difficult to form a digestible and workable benchmarking process,” says Vizergy President Robert Arnold.  “From ensuring you have the right data, to selecting the most relevant KPIs, to determining how often your team should meet, it’s critical to set a scalable benchmarking plan.  If it’s implemented well from the beginning, it’s easier to spot strengths, weaknesses and opportunities later – which translates to better deployment of marketing dollars and revenue production.”

“We wrote this whitepaper to answer a major question everyone struggles with – am I doing what I need to in ‘Digital?’  Digital benchmarking is a strategic imperative and done properly is much more than site analytics,” says David Atkins, Principal of Digital DNA Infusion, LLC.  “This paper is a starting point for you to read and apply.  The complexities of digital are something all businesses across all industries are striving to find answers for with solutions and systems.  There is a science and discipline to doing digital benchmarking and knowing if you are keeping up with the competition and industry.”

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